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80 years ago: teeth spend half salary to buy a pack of sanitary cotton   – people.com.cn Health Channel – people.com.cn original title: spend half the salary to buy a pack of teeth health cotton in 1930s, on the calendar of youth girl. The wealthy family of the late Qing Dynasty, a few days a month, it is estimated to have been very uncomfortable. Spend half a month’s salary, can buy a pack of new sanitary napkins, which for more than 80 years ago, the urban women, will be a kind of life experience? If you do not pay, can only use toilet paper, year after year old cloth or cotton, and how the discomfort and distress? When I open at the end of the 1920s women’s magazines tampon advertising, while reading "texture soft, comfortable clothes", "absolute freedom and absolute secret" and other slogans, while thinking about "ten yuan per dozen" (silver) the cheap price, I gasped, deeply fortunate life today, not that time. Most of the time, people always put "progress" two words and the big thing surge high and sweep forward together, but in my opinion, these seemingly ordinary, but the evolution history of the indispensable daily necessities, also can let us deeply realize the essence of the two words, and I am deeply grateful for seniors to pay hard. An "impure" aunt towel war when there is no doubt in the ancient weapons, China, female patients have always been regarded as unclean. In fact, not only at that time in China, so in many parts of the world. For example, the Ming Dynasty famous doctor Li Shizhen in "Compendium of Materia Medica" clearly wrote, "where, pharmacy, acne decoction, morality, cultivation of life", to avoid cases leave woman, in order to avoid ominous or disease. Li Shizhen medical literacy is quite deep, even so, the general public not to mention. In fact, this bias is still quite popular until 1940s, in October 1948 the "medicine tide" magazine published an article, which mentioned that many people think that the average woman will encounter bad luck, so they are often forbidden to worship, Buddha, or even a wedding, in order to avoid bad luck. The strange thing is, on the one hand, the average woman often due to unclean and excluded, on the other hand, their aunt towel but is treated as a "magic" special weapons to fight against the enemy, not only in ancient Chinese so, so it is in many parts of the world. For example, the spring of 1841, the Qing Dynasty’s Yang Fang was ordered south, anti British suppression. He saw the enemy at sea, storm sway, can hit me, there will be magic ", since" the enemy has magic ", he will find a way" to the evil for evil ", so he ordered to collect a large number of women in the city including toilet, aunt towel is better, a row of pile on the raft to attack the enemy, will the enemy himself at the commode, led the soldiers against them on the shore. The result of the battle he did not defeat the enemy as can be imagined, but himself, 1915. We will certainly think of Yang Fang in "aunt towel" superstition ridiculous, but if we return to the current historical situation, will not make the same ridiculous thing, really can not say. The ancient war related historical materials, such records are everywhere)相关的主题文章: