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A admit to betting: Vanke deep restructuring is not tanlong Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries you make you take will always let you falls in the China Times (public No.: ChinaTimes) reporter Wang Bingning Beijing reported on deep chairman Lin Maode on the gambling agreement broke, will briefly subsided Vanke equity the event back to the public opinion in the teeth of the storm. In September 12th, Shenzhen Vanke reply inquiry letter said: self-examination by the company, and the company directors, supervisors and senior management personnel at the same time to verify the written confirmation letter between the company and the Metro Group, Metro Group does not exist to reach agreement or any other form of arrangement or intention. Disclosure of major asset restructuring related information is true, accurate and complete. That day afternoon, a drive in Vanke suffered more than one big rush to raise the market pulled turned red, rose nearly 1% during the. In the city rail transit financing mechanism of the national development and Reform Commission held in September 8th innovation seminar, Lin Maode on Asset Securitization on the MTR station said: "we all know that we are involved in a listed company, but also can not say, many people asked why I participate in: first, I like it is on the bet, we hold you about 2000000000 shares, must maintain annual (per share) a piece of money to me, to give me 2 billion points per year, equivalent to the cash flow is very good. Second, it increased 100 times over the past 20 years, the next ten years to grow 1 times I earn 50 billion, an increase of 2 times I earn 100 billion, I have a loan repayment source." Lin Maode also said that if the shares of Vanke’s first program blocked, the Shenzhen Metro in terms of asset securitization there are second programs. The "second plan I can say, if we blocked the first scheme, the second scheme is our state-owned listed company shell, with zero transfer of the way to the Metro Group, Metro Group to cover property developed into the listed company, after the mature, after the scale enough to buy Metro Group operating assets the listed company. In particular, the 1 line every day 1 million passenger flow, can meet the return of listed companies." It is worth noting that the Shenzhen subway is involved in the restructuring of Vanke, Lin Maode referred to a listed company has also been widely speculated that the market is deeply involved in the dispute. And Lin Maode said, holding about 2000000000 shares, and also not much difference between Shenzhen Metro assets acquired Vanke shares. According to July 2nd, Vanke released trading plan (Revised) shows that the listed company intends to buy deep Qianhai International Group holds 100% stake in the issue of shares, the transaction price of 45 billion 613 million yuan. Vanke will all to issue shares to pay the transaction price to 15.88 yuan, the stock issue price, to the final deep group issued shares of approximately 2 billion 870 million shares. Insiders told the "China Times" (public No.: ChinaTimes) reporter, a financial instrument as the agreement on gambling, which itself is not good or bad, the key lies in how to use enterprise within the law to be reasonable and correct. According to Lin Maode’s theory of gambling相关的主题文章: