A car is a Lexus Lexus color world experience day (video) haywire

A car is a Lexus LEXUS color world experience day every famous director has the unique style of their own. The film will have m bay big bang, Niu Chengze must personally run a bit, Wong Kar Wai perfect interpretation of a procrastination is critical, Tsai Ming-Liang film on a toilet back camera is still there… When it comes to cars, different car brands have their soul gene paranoid, Lexus has used its unique aesthetic concept of praise to life, it is always the one and only color models is the taste. By October 28th, Lexus search light color -LEXUS color experience held in Shanghai, Lexus LEXUS to the emotional expression of color research insights. Lexus LEXUS China deputy general manager Mr. Zhu Jiang, head of Lexus LEXUS color design, Lexus color LEXUS Mr. Tanaka Akira designer Shinji’s Ms. Chiba to visit the site, together with the guests witnessed a light and color performance. By the light color +LEXUS Lexus media experience day warm-up Video – Xia Yongkang color library 30 "only" LEXUS Lexus color designer has been paid much attention to the appearance of the vehicle and the chamber in color, material, texture of the whole collocation, hope to establish between car owners and spiritual resonance in the first time. The car body color expresses the character of the vehicle directly, and expresses the aesthetic style of the user. They never simply select a natural color in the standard color plate, exclusive paint color LEXUS Lexus has more than thirty kinds, are based on vehicle positioning and independent research and development. LEXUS Lexus paint color inspiration from nature, supersonic quartz inspired by Sapporo beautiful white snow, so that the original dull white in a different light showing snow shading color; from 1500 degrees Celsius flame color of blue flame, the flame is extremely unique "the deep sense of transparency" people are driving performance models, meaning most should have passion and calm; Hyun red is built by Lexus exclusive LEXUS multilayer coating technology, according to the different light and shade angle changing red, unique and sexy, arouse people touched the memory of those red; supersonic titanium silver is designers use can also be distributed the unique beauty of metal to build out in the cold, in order to "cloudy day also let a person, let the vehicle even in good to hear or see" bad weather conditions Can also be beautiful as usual. From the nature color inspiration also reflected in the interior color. The unique Lexus LC luxury car interior white, blue, and orange color, it is to capture the dawn of inspiration, fixed on the sky from the Tequila Sunrise orange gradually evolved into the blue that beautiful time. The color development of the road to the ideal never simple color designer in the minds of the full reduction, the formation of the one and only the body color, each color development LEXUS Lexus usually experienced at least one to two years. First of all, designers will be transformed into the concept of color inspiration by color paint supplier development color samples, on an annual basis, according to the different kinds of light.相关的主题文章: