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A Changsha court had been dismissed PS pornographic extortion money 520 thousand Geng Ming was the original title: Changsha Kaifu District Court former president Geng Mingsheng due to serious violation was dismissed in September 23rd net news (reporter Changsha moment Hongwan) Changsha Kaifu District People’s court, the former party secretary, Dean Geng Mingsheng was given removal from Party posts, due to administrative demotion a serious violation of discipline, and reduced to fukeji non leadership positions. Dean court was previously reported: PS still collects 520 thousand pornographic extortion: not bad money on July 13th, analysis of 70 judgments of the domestic media release PS pornographic extortion crime. That night, a network video said in 2013 PS pornographic extortion case, Changsha Kaifu District People’s court president Geng Mingsheng for "personal reputation", to the designated bank account remittance fraud 520 thousand. Reporter then confirmed the contents of the case verdict. Geng Mingsheng also told reporters that the matter, said the extortion money has been returned to him by the Inner Mongolia police recover. Reporters obtained the full version of the case by the authority of the verdict, the decision by the people’s Court of Inner Mongolia City, the new city of Hohhot, the referee time for June 17, 2014. Verdict shows that from 2012 to 2013, the defendant Yang Yusheng (Hunan Shuangfeng), Yuan Dingming (Chongqing Kaixian), Zhu Kaihui (Hunan Shuangfeng), "third" (name unknown, at large) by computer synthesis premeditated pornographic pictures to blackmail the local leaders, send letters to eight letters, sent to Guizhou, Gansu, Jiangxi, Inner Mongolia, Tianjin, Henan, Hebei, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Liaoning, Hunan and other provinces, the government leading enterprises. Hohhot New District Court found Yang Yusheng, Yuan Dingming, Zhu Kaihui ordered 1 million 860 thousand yuan (including Yang Yusheng together with Yuan Dingming since 100 thousand yuan), a huge amount, were sentenced to 11 to 13 years. In this case, the verdict reflects a total of 6 people received a letter, the money to fight the 5, the 1 alarm. Play the 5 people, the people of the organs of the leading cadres, a total of remittances of $1 million 60 thousand; 3 were chairman of the board of directors, a total of remittances of $800 thousand 2. The 2 leading cadres playing respectively in Jinnan District of Tianjin City, Hunan province Changsha Kaifu District People’s court president Geng Mingsheng and then Tianjin Shuanggang Headquarters Economic Industrial Park director, double town mayor Li Weidong. Among them, the Geng hit 520 thousand yuan, Li Weidong hit a $540 thousand. Geng Mingsheng said: "at that time (after being blackmailed) I am very angry, I was looking for my friend to discuss, say this money to play or not to play, friends say money, hit. Why? Not bad money case, attempted a crime, even if caught after the penalty in general." As for the money which come, Geng Ming was said: "my mother hit the money, we can not find the conditions, borrow the money." Editor: high Yuying相关的主题文章: