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A domestic SUV to fire, Huang Bo came to help the Sohu in September 2nd, the opening day of the Chengdu auto show, Zhengzhou Dongfeng Nissan CEFIRO MX5 held a debut release, with "quality" the whole family happiness as the core demands, by virtue of the "big Yan, large space and large quality" three core strengths, a the debut attracted numerous onlookers. The debut of the new car in advance to open the pre-sale, Dongfeng demeanor MX5 pre priced 103555 yuan, the new car using 2.0L and 1.4T power, matching the AT and MT, 4 specifications models. According to the Dongfeng demeanor official said: September 2nd -11 month 19 days pre-sale period, the consumer can enjoy car into the shop car ceremony, ritual, ceremony, ceremony, Car Buying financial warranty five gift gift. The new car is expected to be delivered to consumers in November. It appears that the listing of pre-sale, Dongfeng demeanor preferential efforts is not small. Conference, Dongfeng demeanor MX5 ambassador Huang Bo also went to the scene to help out. Talk about the endorsement of Dongfeng MX5 style, Huang Bo admitted that the launch of Zhengzhou Nissan Dongfeng style MX5, to "quality" as the concept of family happiness, to offer consumers greater color value, large space and large quality premium car, like a breeze Automotive Circle, and Dongfeng style low-key and pragmatic style, highly consistent with their own values, so logical join together. Yan big value in the SUV market attention, Yan value has become a required course for all brands, many brands as a killer. The appearance of Dongfeng demeanor MX5, by the international brand SUV chief design team to build, can be called the east wind Yan Yan value. The design concept of "urban tiger", the overall shape of chivalrous tenderness, tough straight sideways lines, the roof used to slide back to outline the trend of modeling, a ready posture ran out, Yan control is also inextricably bogged down in value. Appearance, the tigers type hexagonal grille like a shield, so that the SUV wild sense of power and sense. The headlights and taillights integrated domestic rare after fierce, not only fashion and a high degree of recognition. LED line lights and lenses highlight the sense of technology and practicality. Other airlines flying wing, the front bumper, 18 inch double color milling wheel, let MX5 reflect the modern sense, in the details of the sense of science and technology. The large space pattern of SUV has become the preferred models present family Car Buying, one of the reasons is a car has an absolute advantage in space, and the Dongfeng grace MX5 in a large space for the characteristics of the SUV field also have obvious advantages, is the biggest of the big. Body length and breadth were 47201850 1727mm, 2712mm long wheelbase, compared with the same level models, can fully meet the needs of consumers for family cars "large space" needs in the current child family gradually become the trend of the situation, spacious interior space for a family of four smooth fast. High quality and reliable nowadays, in addition to considering the safety of the car, Yan value and space, the family car also had to consider the cost of maintenance and maintenance later. Excellent product quality in order to avoid worries from the maximum extent.相关的主题文章: