Accelerate the construction of charitable supermarkets to promote charitable trust landing

Accelerate the construction of charitable supermarkets to promote the development of charitable trust landing Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Guangdong as the country’s largest charity, charity has a good atmosphere, the development of philanthropy in the forefront of the country. The People’s Republic of China charity Act (hereinafter referred to as the charity law) will be implemented on September 1st. Charity law defines the responsibility of the government in the supervision and promotion of charitable activities and other aspects. In 30, the provincial Civil Affairs Department held a news briefing on how to implement the requirements of the charity law in Guangdong, Nanfang Daily reporter interviewed the person in charge of Guangdong provincial Civil Affairs department. It is understood that in the management of charitable organizations, according to the charity law and the Ministry of civil affairs and specific arrangements, existing registration management policy of the provincial Civil Affairs Department comprehensive review, the repair, the order book, the waste of waste, to maintain specific policies in accordance with law, implement effective policy transition; Amendment of the work process and specification. Connected with the law in specific aspects of organization and implementation, implementation of the charity organization work convenient, standardized and transparent. Management in the charity industry, the provincial Civil Affairs Department will vigorously develop charity supermarket, actively explore the path to achieve charitable trust, continue to strengthen the Guangdong poverty relief activities, explore the establishment of Guangdong charity organization. The Nanfang Daily reporter Li Qiang to develop supporting policies and normative documents, it is understood that in the Ministry of Civil Affairs issued the relevant policy, the provincial Civil Affairs Department will develop the province to implement the charity law needs supporting policies and the formulation of regulatory documents, ensure the charity law in place. To develop charity registration identification and termination of the approval process and rules, articles of association and related system of charity charity demonstration text, guide, process and rules of public donations to charitable organizations, charitable organizations qualification examination and approval system, public donation program filing system, process and rules. The provincial Civil Affairs Department will promote the transition of the charity organization of corporate governance and social supervision mechanism, strengthen government supervision, self-discipline and social supervision, accelerate the establishment of a separate government agency, clear responsibilities, organizational structure of modern society autonomy according to the law, establish a sound corporate governance structure, governance system and Governance mechanism, the implementation of democratic governance governance according to law, charity the organization in the sun. The establishment of third party oversight mechanisms, the establishment of social supervision committee, improve the social reporting system. Strengthen the construction of social organization registration management team, the use of the rule of law thinking, innovative ways and means of management, and enhance the ability to serve the people and professionalism. At the same time to promote the construction of social organizations, and promote the development of social organizations in Guangdong from quantity to quality. Public information to establish unified information release platform for charity charity law requirements, the provincial Civil Affairs Department to formulate rules for the implementation of the charity organization annual reporting system, establish and perfect the charity statistics and information release system, establish a unified charity information publishing platform, formulate specific measures for charity information disclosure. At the same time, strengthen the guidance and standardization of information disclosure of charitable organizations, in the supervision and inspection and evaluation of the level of focus on charitable organizations to perform information theory相关的主题文章: