Advantages Of Wearing A Synthetic Hair Piece-winpm

Hair-Loss For many years Synthetic fiber was the main stay of Mens Hair Replacement. Many hair wearers first experience with a hair piece was with synthetic fiber and some still prefer to go that way. Synthetic fiber is used for several reasons: it provides the best appearance for those with gray hair or very high gray percentages. Its very light weight and one can have the appearance of a lot of hair without heaviness that you get with human hair. Synthetic fiber usually maintains very good style retention as the fiber is heat set to a specific curl pattern that will stay intact provided the fiber is not exposed to a higher heat than the curl was set at. The variety of color availability of synthetic fiber provides for the best bet for a color match to the existing hair and the new synthetic fibers have excellent color retention and wont fade or oxidize as quickly as human hair can. Synthetic fiber has the appearance of human hair, can easily be blended into the growing hair and takes much longer for the hair style to go flat unlike human hair, it dries quickly when wet or washed and always goes back to the original hair style and curl pattern it came in with. Once a hair wearer gets used to wearing and working with synthetic fiber in their hair systems they understand and appreciate the benefits that synthetic fiber has to offer. In conclusion, while both human hair pieces and synthetic hair pieces are good choices, it is really up to the hair wearer to decide what is best for them. If longevity is desired, synthetic hair is absolutely a great way to go, and spending the extra money for high quality synthetic hair is always worthwhile! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: