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After the "age grading fund company resorted to three plans to fund the Sina exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! After the   each reporter Lu Huijing suspended grading fund registered for one year, the Commission this month formally suspended grading fund registration work. A short period of time, the water will no longer be incremental, basically declared the death of this type of products "". The last grade outbreak, many fund companies have invested a lot of manpower and energy to the development and operation of this type of product, grab the hair segmentation index especially be in full swing. Although there is a year of buffer, but when the level of the fund has been completely reduced, the fund’s existing team how to do? How to do the grading products? Whether or not to find a new alternative to grading fund products? Through extensive interviews, only financial cattle (micro signal: buerniu5188) learned that the current fund companies are looking for solutions, at the same time, they also have some hope on the classification of the fund’s next policy arrangement to raise a Babel of criticism of the story. The fund companies to actively respond to the one hand the new classification of funds, on the other hand, the regulatory measures issued at any time, many fund companies have to finance only cattle (micro signal: buerniu5188) said, in addition to the current waiting for the policy, there is no other better way. However, the planning of liquidation, transformation, issue ETF alternative classification fund and develop the OTC fund grading scale, it is the fund company’s plan. Program one: Liquidation + transformation, our company has a relatively small size of the fund, the Commission intends to follow the introduction of specific guidelines on the liquidation of the selection." A fund manager in Shanghai, said after the classification, the company intends to vigorously develop the classification of funds, due to various reasons slow after the middle of last year fell again encountered the Commission suspended superposition grading fund registration, the future in the new classification of the fund is no greater opportunity, simply the liquidation of the original classification fund. Has been listed on the classification fund A, B two types of share liquidation, but also face the problem of discount premium, the best guide to the introduction of specific guidelines." The fund manager explained. In fact, other listed funds have not been listed or winding up the transformation. In August last year, regulators approved the decision to suspend the listing of classification Fund led to classification of A, the financial license liquor B shares failed to achieve the listing, only as index fund operation. In the liquor classification fund manager Zhao Fei said in a quarterly this year, the fund suffered large effects of foreclosure and other factors, and the reporting period are 20 consecutive working days less than 50 million yuan of fund assets. In this case, in April 30th, China liquor classification announced that the fund into liquidation in May 6, 2016, became the first ever officially declared grading fund liquidation only. Since then, Cathay Pacific new energy vehicle classification, the two sides of the silver Schroder environmental governance Fund Classification fund held a general meeting of the fund, the transition to the LOF fund. Project two: Theory of development相关的主题文章: