After the old man hit the police fled the city of Nanning to track the vehicle accident-e3300

"," hit the old man to escape after the Nanning city police traced the vehicle on November 11th morning at about 10, Wu old man riding a red bike to go home, at the intersection ready when crossing the road by a car traveling in the same direction of the electric bicycle knocked down after injury, and a non driver but did not rescue the injured, but the car quickly fled the scene. The morning of November 11th, who lives in the Wu Ying Hua Lu Peninsula Cannes small old man and usual, riding a bicycle to go out to buy food. 10 pm, the old man to Wu Ying Hua Lu intersection zebra Peninsula Cannes to cross the road, a car is traveling in the same direction of the electric bicycle knocked down injured, so he could react when I saw the car accident had left thirty or forty meters away, and the more shouting run faster, suddenly disappeared. More than and 10 minutes after the incident, the family heard about a simple man to Wu bandaged the wound and reported to the police. The old man knocked Wu arm from scratch bleeding, the main is to feel the waist pain, straight up very difficult. The site is only a fall in the bicycle, the rear car knocked deformed, a car accident collision falling debris in the purple bike beside. Onlookers of the public is very angry, said the old man ran into the driver fled after such a shame. According to an eyewitness, Mr. Huang said, on the morning of 10 pm, he in Cannes peninsula on the edge of a store to buy things when he heard a voice shouting, along to see the past found across the road crossing lay an old man, with a purple electric bicycle is sped away from east to West in front of his bike is. A young man. He could not see the driver’s face because of the fast speed. Mr Wong said: "the old man lying on the ground, very painful, it looks like the injury is not light." Because at that time the ACS more vehicles on the road, he will want to go across the street to chase runaway too late. Uncle Wu hope witnesses to provide clues, find the escape accident of electric bicycle driver. Traffic police department has mastered a number of circumstances, is currently fully tracking the vehicle. Also ask the owner to take the initiative to stand out!相关的主题文章: