After the Olympic Games in doubles again and a feather genius among the top ten singles

After the Olympic Games in doubles again and a feather genius among the top ten men’s singles Jones 19 year-old He Bingjiao Xinhua News Agency Fuzhou November 15th sports news (reporter Liu Yang, Guo Qi) the BWF Super Series tournament one of the top five Chinese badminton tournament in Fuzhou on 15 swing start, Li Zongwei and veteran Lin Dan, missed the game recently outstanding achievements Shi Yuqi, He Bingjiao, Chen Qingchen, Zheng thinking China teenager concern. The Rio Olympics men’s singles runner up although Li Zongwei had already entered the competition, but in the last month of the Danish open 1/4 finals, he strained a thigh muscle was eliminated, and then the French Open announced to retire. The World Badminton Federation confirmed that held before the team meeting has confirmed that Li Zongwei will not be able to participate in the tournament. Li Zongwei’s old rival, Lin Dan, did not sign up. The Rio Olympic Games men’s singles champion Chen Long of confirmation, this is his first race in the Olympic Games in three months. He first met the opponent from Indonesia’s rival Tommy · Sugiarto. The Rio Olympic Games, Chinese badminton has experienced new old alternant, Wang Yihan, Wang Shixian, Yu Yang, Zhao Yunlei, Tian Qing and other veterans have retired, "96, 97 generation is gradually picking up the banner of China badminton. The China open, Shi Yuqi, He Bingjiao, Chen Qingchen, Zheng Siwei and other young performance will become the focus of. The 20 year old Shi Yuqi won the men’s singles champion shortly before the end of the French and German open; 19 year-old where Bingjiao gains women’s singles gold medal in Germany, France and Japan three stations open, two of the world rankings are pushed into tenth. The same girl was born in 1997 Chen Qingchen recently impressive record: she swept Japan, France, Germany open mixed doubles champion with partner Zhejiang guy Zheng Siwei; champion and Tianjin teenager Jia Yifan partner won the French and German Open women’s doubles. Men’s doubles, China will be sent to 7 combinations, including the tournament No. 1 seed Liu Yuchen Hong Wei Chai Biao and the No. 3 seed Li Junhui. The total prize money of $700 thousand in the tournament attracted 214 athletes from 19 countries and regions participating, including international famous players Rio Olympic Games women’s singles champion, Spain’s Ma Lin, the Rio Olympic Games men’s singles runner up, said Chinese Danish golden boy Ansai Dragon (Assar SEN) and Denmark’s Jorgensen etc.. (end)相关的主题文章: