Agui A-Lin and Cindy Yen to sing – double song (video)-roselip

Agui A-Lin and Cindy Yen to sing "-" double song [Abstract] "-" not only Jay Chou and Sherry duet "days together" the theme song, the soundtrack is more important role in the play each tailored exclusive songs. Agui A-Lin and Cindy Yen double OST, detonated netizens discussion upsurge. Cindy Yen Jay Chou Sherry, "the" epic fantasy drama "-" fantasy theme entertainment news has been the first Tencent in the mainland summer file by William Feng, Victoria Song, Ma Tianyu, Zhang Meng, Medina and other powerful actors starring drama, cool stunts, super cast, beautiful appearance and clothing and the role of the deep the emotional entanglements launched by viewers, broadcast an on-line 12 hours playback volume has reached 180 million; the mainland total cumulative net city more than 700 million related video playback volume! "City of fantasy" by netizens as the Chinese version of "a song of ice and fire" epic drama, this because the two Protoss (ice and fire group group), and the scores of contest disputes, to create a fantasy world of love and hate, will also be released in Taiwan. So much attention has been given to the work on music of course can not be sloppy, the songs are based on the characters of the personality and emotional entanglements tailored out, hope can use music to make the audience more can resonate with the drama, and the soundtrack is also underestimated, Jay Chou not only provides an important new Chorus "the album with Sherry to duet of the day" as the theme song, the soundtrack is more important role in the play each tailored exclusive songs, by the combination of music and drama, both bring strong visual and auditory shock degree. Agui A-Lin is a song with vocals, Cindy Yen sang the song together, even strong double hit song mode also caused discussion in the network, but also to the concept of drama upsurge. A-Lin sang the song "daydream", with her full penetration and deep voice, sing the protagonist between emotional troubles, wandering in the crossroads of life. Another song by Cindy Cindy Yen sang the song "heart" is the "Cindy Yen Cindy" Chunmei, Andrew and Ye Huaipei two people together again to create affection for. The lyrics and Cindy full of warmth of the majestic passionate singing in every period of profound emotion. "Heart" is a song with deep and sad songs, it is not easy to interpret, originally thought this song with Cindy sing may be worn for a long time, did not think this song will soon complete Peichang, has been making person praise said emotional, everyone said Cindy should lose is to rely on their own experience interpretation, as the lyrics written by "but in my heart you still live next door, two people together towards the dream, when my heart has you to accompany. At that time people spend at least a rainy day, share the pain, this feeling The imprint is engraved on my heart". Cindy sings this song grateful appear in every one of my life, because we know, will get along means we have the fate of each other; when we become a parallel line, no intersection when fate has done on behalf of everyone)相关的主题文章: