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Ali 240 million won the Barcelona chest advertising? Ali denied Barcelona sports present chest advertising sponsors for Qatar Airways Sina Francisco November 16th afternoon news media recently reported that the Alibaba group to 60 million euros per year, the total price of 240 million euros with Barcelona shirt sponsorship. But Ali sports denied this news today. "China beat Japan Lotte Group Alibaba Corporation, the U.S. Amazon, became the new sponsor Barcelona chest advertising, 60 million euros per year (signed until 2021), a total contract value of 240 million euros. Barcelona has also become the world’s most expensive chest advertising sponsorship team." Recently called the Barcelona Chinese website, a micro-blog triggered a number of media hot debate. If the report is true, since the summer of 2017, Barcelona every year to get 60 million euros sponsorship amount will exceed the United 54 million euros (Chevrolet group sponsored) and Chelsea’s 44 million euros (Yokohama tire sponsorship). In June this year, the end of the month, signed by Barcelona and Qatar Airways 5 year sponsorship contract expires. Club president Barr Tomei U has revealed that he expects the next single chest advertising sponsorship contract will be at least 65 million euros, and the contract period of at least 3 years. But by July, Barcelona announced a one-year contract with Qatar Airlines, but the price is still 35 million euros before the sponsorship, did not reach the expected results of the company is expected to be more than 30% to 50%. Then there are media reports that the Alibaba, Japan Lotte Group Corporation and Amazon have sponsored for 2017-2021 years of chest advertising and eventually the Alibaba with 60 million euros per year.相关的主题文章: