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Ali to lead the new retail inventory data change dual eleven – Sohu technology double eleven shopping Carnival once a year come, chop hands buy buy buy, the global consumer’s shopping enthusiasm completely crazy. The media training camp in Shenzhen in November 11th reported the | Wei Li double 11, a global consumer, global commodity feast, all consumers browse double 11 commodities in the mobile phone and computer, share shopping list cheats, cheats. The world’s 600 media gathered at the scene of the two Shenzhen 11 party, the world’s real time coverage of the feast. This year Tmall double 11 four features and gameplay: the interaction is represented as the carrier, live entertainment, consumption will be carried out in the end; at home and abroad to open up, consumers can not only buy brand all over the world, businesses will also achieve global selling convenience; full channel integration, open online and offline stores million, nearly 10 million the realization of electronic stores; big data will serve as the underlying services, build consumer scenarios for businesses and consumers, let everyone enjoy the exclusive own double 11. President Gao Hongbing Ali Institute believes that 11 per year is a commercial preview, whether it is business, or a service provider or a bank, logistics, all participants will unconsciously be involved in change, in the double 11 lifting capacity. Today’s double 11 is tomorrow’s business norm. Han Yi clothes CEO Zhao Yingguang said, 11 is a retail market of the olympic. It is essentially a brand, the main force is not only the sales team, and is the brand marketing training, make full use of the scene, set up marketing theme, expand the brand influence. In the double 11 benefit includes not only the brand, including a large number of small brands. Data to look at the eleven double Ali according to the statistics of the field data of the two, began only 52 seconds, in 2016 Tmall double total turnover of more than 1 billion yuan of 11 yuan. 6 minutes and 58 seconds, the total turnover exceeded 10 billion yuan. 14 minutes and 16 seconds, the total turnover of more than 19 billion 100 million yuan Tmall double over $11, has exceeded the 2012 double 11 day turnover, which accounted for more than 85.77% of the amount of wireless transactions. Ali’s latest data, as of 18:55 PM 36 seconds, Tmall double turnover of over 100 billion breakthrough. 5 minutes and 23 seconds, millet Tmall flagship store sales have billions of dollars, at 8:24 in the morning, millet Tmall flagship store sales have exceeded 700 million yuan, mobile phone sales ranked first. Tmall mobile phone only 1 hours and 9 minutes, sales exceeded $2 billion. Only 30 minutes, the glory, millet, Meizu, 4 hundred million yuan turnover. Tmall clothing opening 1 hours, breaking billion business has been 10. It took only 2 minutes and 53 seconds to break billion yuan, a record again, becoming the fastest breaking 100 million brand clothing. Han Yi homes 7 minutes to break the fifty million, breaking through the 15 minutes of 100 million, in the first package issued in 186 seconds. Tmall beauty only 1 hours and 3 minutes to reach $1 billion 700 million, over two years ago, the first 8 hours of sales of 11. Tmall electric city only 36 seconds to break billion sales. 54 minutes sales exceeded 5 billion!相关的主题文章: