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Small Business Screen and digital prints are the most .mon method utilized for t-shirt printing. Screen printing makes use of screens and stencils to apply imprints directly onto the fabric of the shirt. The original design is printed on the screen and more screens are required for each color that has to be utilized in the design. For bulk order screen printing this is the preferred option. The custom design .panies make use of the screen printing if there is an order for multiple shirts for the same design. Screen printing, a traditional, creative way to go! This is an old process and has been widely utilized to print creative and colorful t-shirts designs, there is a design imprinted onto the fabric or any other cloth, the ink is .pletely absorbed into the material. For a long time screen printing has been utilized as the best material to manufacture quality decals. The process offers a high quality image resolution, longevity and you can print the same image over and over again. Digital printing, the advanced process! For custom T-shirt printing, digital printing is a recent invention. It works in a manner similar to the printers installed with our .puters. The only difference is, instead of having print on the paper it is done directly to the clothing material. This process is much easier and less .plicated. Customers are able to get multiple color designs and this saves time as well as money. Digital printing gives the capability of printing a picture directly to the shirt without going through the process of creating a separate screen for each color. Both screen printing and digital printing have ample benefits and choosing between them should be in accordance with the type of order you have. If you need to purchase a single shirt, digital printing is the best option, while if you are ordering in bulk, screen printing is the process. .panies doing custom design usually choose digital printing as this allows them to make each order different. Also with digital printing the printing begins immediately. With screen printing, there has to be time for set up. Separate color screens must be set for the design to be printed. This process cost effective when printing large numbers of items of the same design. Resource- Dan Keenan writes about digital screen printing and silk screen banner printing. She has written variety of articles about screen printing and the printing industry. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: