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Also fear of being shot? 1 minutes to teach you to avoid the "wrong" to buy Sohu automobile Sohu auto high beam [] over the years, the amount of vehicle is becoming more and more, there is a variety of road traffic violations "blowout" growth. The breakdown of these behaviors cause, partly because the drivers of traffic regulations to reinforce the cognition, on the other hand does not rule out a small number of drivers is still luck, because of the evil of the tragedy caused by a rush into danger every year beyond count. In view of this situation, the relevant departments will not be slack, by monitoring the prowl, make people shiver all over though not cold. However, "justice has long arms on the really apply here? Today you put a big beam, teach you to avoid those reasonable shouldn’t buy "the wrong one". As to how to avoid the wrong single? First, it must be on the cross we have a clear understanding on the way to the top of the great spirit, the so-called "enemy we can". So, what are the types of these God, what is the working principle of them? Here we will briefly explain. Platinum CP (radar + camera) if you talk about the most sense probe CP partner, that of non radar and camera partner, this can be called a "double insurance" (of course, this is not our Olympic "legend" double insurance). When it comes to work, it will be the first to send a radar wave from the radar, and the radar will be able to recognize the passing vehicles Followed by the camera to take pictures, to escape the discernment, ha ha… This kind of camera range, which can monitor and control speeding, running red lights, the line and the line violation, in it you should be careful. The platoon platoon in the camera camera intersection appears more often there will be a little out of the pole, with a pole with a row of unexpectedly dense camera, whenever I see this are conscious of a tight, sometimes feel infiltration than the traffic police (intensive phobia off). As for how this probe to seize your violation? It is mainly to capture your speeding behavior, now a lot of friends in front of the camera by consciously slow down, opened in the past after the wait on the lift speed, is actually not necessary, you really worry a little bit? Now many of the camera is the tail of the vehicle. But if you’re feeling a little bit too fast, you don’t have to worry about it. You can have an error rate of 10% per hour on your watch, and the speed limit of two is still within the range allowed. 360 degree panoramic camera the camera has obvious characteristics, seemingly a chubby little black (a bit like to install a small classroom that guy). But you must not be deceived by its gentle appearance, it launched a fire to us who can not eat. This camera seems to be relatively low-key, but it can have a fatal kill, that is, big zoom". It is said to be able to achieve the object close to 1000 meters away from the car, so in the process of driving do not hold the chance to take a seat, playing mobile phones, smoking and other acts, in相关的主题文章: