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Automobiles This article will discuss the essential duty of oil is for the manual transmission. Manual transmissions are not as popular as they once were because of the labor intensive shifting required during use. Many people still do prefer a manual transmission to the newer, .plex automatics on the market today though, and they are still especially popular in certain, vehicle applications where high performance is required. Work trucks used to tow and haul or sports cars and race cars created purely for performance still most .monly use manual transmissions. For obvious reasons, the gears in the manual transmissions of these vehicle applications incur the heaviest engine load and level of misuse during their operation. The gears in a manual transmission must pass the power created by the vehicle’s engine to it’s wheels by way of it’s drive shaft or shafts. These gears engage and disengage to provide the required level of speed or power at the correct time and amount. One essential duty of oil for manual transmissions is the protection of gear faces during use, especially more stressful use. The oil’s viscosity and strength must be substantial in order to well protect these internal parts. Synthetic fluids are created superior to their petroleum based predecessors, and the oil for manual transmissions is no exception. The synthetic gear oils produced today especially outperform conventional gear oils in protecting gear face surfaces in vehicle applications with the heaviest engine loads. Their molecular structure is much stronger and more stable, and they contain specific, additive packages with anti-wear protection and friction modifiers. In short, they lubricate and protect gear face surfaces better when gears are engaged in order to decrease unnecessary, metal wear. This lowers fluid contamination and increases drain intervals in the most stressful of vehicle applications. Synthetic gear oils, like other synthetic fluids, last longer than conventional, petroleum based fluids, as well. They withstand the pressures and frictions created between gear faces without thinning and dissipating over time. Protecting gear face surfaces in a manual transmission will provide exceptional vehicle performance whether towing, hauling, or racing. It will increase financial savings for the average vehicle application due to fewer repairs over time, as well. With the highest performance, vehicle applications in mind, Amsoil, a leading synthetic fluid producer, created a special oil for manual transmissions called Synthetic Manual Transmission and Transaxle Gear Lube (MTG). It is created with an exceptional blend of synthetic fluids and high performance additives and is re.mended for use in applications with the highest of performance needs. It is just one example of the possible synthetic oils that can be used to protect manual transmission, gear faces from unnecessary wear under heavy engine loads. Although used in fewer, passenger automobiles today than in the past, manual transmissions are still produced and especially for more specific vehicle applications such as sports cars, race cars, and light duty, work trucks. Protecting the surface faces of gears in a manual transmission under heavy engine load is one of the essential duties of oil for manual transmissions. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: