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Andouble wants to provide loans to 325 million foreign media: Duthel Te may not accept Duthel Te Reference News Network October 24 news media said, Philippines’s president Duthel Te plans to visit Japan in October 25th. Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo and the 25 day visit to Philippines President Duthel Te talks to convey about 5 billion yen (about 325 million yuan) yen loans to help its hometown Mindanao agricultural development. According to Japan’s Kyodo News reported on October 22nd, more than Philippines diplomatic sources, Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo in the 25 day plan and the first visit by the president of Philippines Duthel Te talks, to convey it will provide about 5 billion yen loans to help the southern island of Mindanao in agricultural development. The island is home to Duthel Te. Although Andouble tried to dissuade Chinese closer relationship and opposition of the South China Sea on the use of Duthel Te, but has Chinese position will provide huge economic aid to Philippines, unable to determine whether developments such as Andouble wish. Reported that Abe’s government aid is to provide development assistance to financial institutions in Mindanao (ODA), through the agricultural groups to support farmers to expand the scale and develop new business. One of the aims is to improve the productivity of agriculture and to prevent the deterioration of public order caused by poverty. Andouble will continue to support the said Mindanao Islamic armed forces and the government of Philippines to maintain peace in the talks, to strengthen assistance to Philippines by ODA to improve infrastructure and provide patrol boats etc.. According to foreign ministry officials, Andouble will show "full support" the new government’s attitude. On this basis, Andouble attaches importance to China’s military base to promote the South China Sea issue, and Duthel Te will confirm the importance of the rule of law on the issue of the sea. It will also show that cooperation with Japan and the United States is in line with the national interests of Philippines. Duthel Te has long served as the special city mayor of Davao in Mindanao, the largest. In June after the president took office still frequently return to Davao, have a passion for home. For this, Radio France international believes that since Duthel Te first visited China, Chinese promised to provide large amounts of aid, Duthel Te whether to accept Abe’s proposal, Japan lost.相关的主题文章: