Apple Mobile Payment on-line yesterday fast payment but difficult to bind

Apple fruit powder: mobile payment on-line yesterday but the payment data binding to quickly figure original title: Nanjing "powder" on the first day of experience: binding difficult but the payment "thief" Nanjing Daily reporter   Zhang Xi yesterday morning; 5, the Apple Corp of heavy mobile payment service Apple Pay launched in China, because the number of login server too much the server was paralyzed. However, in Nanjing Five Star appliance, Starbucks and other commercial establishments, there are still some successful people is bound to experience the first time the first, we generally feel is — it’s too fast! And indeed than to sweep the two-dimensional code simple and easy to use. Payment experience: "drop" sound money is gone, it’s too fast!   10 o’clock yesterday morning, Miss Tang in Xinjiekou Five Star appliance store has completed its first Apple Pay payment experience.   she bought several mobile phone accessories, then went to the cashier. Mobile phone no boot, no network, just scrape near POS, mobile phone bank card binding will automatically turn on, press the HOME key mobile phone fingerprint verification, drops out, eyes didn’t blink, pay good money. "Oh, that’s all right!" Miss Tang issued a sigh of surprise.   she said: "I am 7 points more minutes to tie the card, probably because of early, well tie. In fact, Alipay and WeChat have to pay me, don’t love young people go out with a wallet and a new card, payment, I would like to try."   five star apple sales specialist Cai Yishan introduced, in order to customer service, sales staff in advance to study the binding process. He said, Apple Pay’s benefits is not networking, even in the subway shops, underground city delicacy of the mobile where the signal is not good can easily pay, in line with the conditions of the mobile phone can be tied 8 bank cards. However, due to the Apple Corp from 5 a.m.start to users in batches open Apple Pay permission, so many users can not use it at the first time.   Five Star source, Apple Pay as the first co tenants, yesterday, the second city five star 88 stores can use the Apple Pay 3, is expected to end, will be expanded to all stores. In addition to the five-star electric part of Nanjing, Starbucks, McDonald’s can also use Apple Pay, Suguo supermarket to access to the end of March, and online platforms such as the U.S. group, Ctrip has access to the Apple Pay yesterday. Binding experience: day gululu, "powder" to "hang" squeeze server   compared with the payment of a carefree, public bank card binding process yesterday triggered a collective tucao.   the public with Mrs. Zhou is a iPhone6S, until 9 o’clock yesterday morning, wallet are not out of the "add bank card" option, refresh, restart the N times, after half an hour finally added, according to the operation process of one step down, but the card in the "verification card" link. She is bound to China Merchants Bank Xinyi 苹果移动支付昨日上线 果粉:绑定难但付款快 资料图   原标题:南京“果粉”首日体验: 绑定难但付款“贼快”   南京日报记者 张希   昨天凌晨5点,苹果公司的重磅移动支付服务Apple Pay在中国上线,由于登录服务器的人数过多,服务器一度陷入瘫痪。不过,在南京的五星电器、星巴克等商业场所,还是有部分绑定成功了的市民第一时间抢先体验,大家的普遍感受是——这也太快了吧!而且确实比扫二维码简单好用。   支付体验:“滴”一声钱没了,这也太快了吧!    昨天上午10点,唐小姐在五星电器新街口店完成了自己的首次Apple Pay支付体验。    她买了几个手机配件,随即来到收银台。手机根本没有开机,也没有连网络,只是“凑”近POS机,手机内绑定的银行卡就自动亮起,按下手机HOME键验证指纹,滴一声,眼睛都没来得及眨,钱就付好了。“啊,这就好啦!”唐小姐发出惊讶的轻叹。    她说:“我早上7点多钟绑卡的,可能因为比较早,绑得挺顺利。其实支付宝和微信支付我都有,年轻人出门不太喜欢带钱包和卡,有新的支付方式,我很乐意尝试。”    五星电器苹果销售专员蔡毅山介绍,为了服务顾客,销售人员提前学习了绑定过程。他说,Apple Pay的好处是不用联网,即便在地铁商铺、地下美食城这些移动信号不好的地方也可以轻松支付,符合条件的手机可绑8张银行卡。不过,由于苹果公司是从凌晨5点开始分批向用户开放Apple Pay使用权限,所以很多用户没能在第一时间顺畅使用。    五星电器人士介绍,作为Apple Pay的首批合作商户,昨天五星电器全国一二线城市有88家门店可以使用Apple Pay,预计到3月底,将扩张到全部门店。除了五星电器,南京的部分星巴克、麦当劳也可以使用Apple Pay,苏果超市则要到3月底接入,而线上平台如美团、携程等已于昨天接入了Apple Pay。   绑定体验:天啦噜,“果粉”把服务器挤“挂”了    相比支付时的轻快畅快,昨天市民绑定银行卡的过程引发集体吐槽。    市民周太太用的是一部iPhone6S,直到昨天上午9点,wallet都没有跳出“添加银行卡”的选项,刷新、重启了N次,半小时后终于可以添加了,按照操作流程一步步走下去,却卡在了“验证卡片”环节上。她绑定的是招商银行信用卡,需要验证短信号码,但系统一直提示“无法发送验证码”,要求“过几分钟再试或者联系您的发卡机构”。招商银行客服告诉她,卡和银联通道都没问题,是苹果服务器太堵了。    Apple Pay中国服务器“挂”了,把手机地区设为美国就行了,加卡后再改过来——昨天中午有“机智”的网友提供攻略。但是美国的服务器也架不住中国“果粉”人多,仅仅两小时后也“挂”了。    “今年除夕数亿人一起刷支付宝、微信抢红包也没见系统‘瘫’成这样,看来苹果对中国市场严重估计不足,以后会不会水土不服?”昨天已经有人在网络上发出质疑。                 责任编辑:李天奕相关的主题文章: