Apple Push IOS 10 GM version and the official version of almost no difference (video) punyu

Apple Push iOS 10 GM version and the official version is almost no difference in Tencent digital news (Zhong Wenze) apple in the early hours of September 8th officially released its latest flagship model iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, also said at the press conference, the official version of iOS 10 will be officially push in September 13th. At the end of the conference, as the final version of the official version, almost the same version of the official version of GM has been downloaded. To engage in a iOS 10 to unlock the steepest change delete the pre installed lie in this update, apple did not mention the difference relative to the GM version before the developer version, it reviews the improvements in iOS 10. Includes new information applications, redesigned map applications, redesigned lock screen and depth integration of 3D Touch and other functions. The update package size is 1.96GB, such a large volume also indirectly reflects the update and iOS 10 basic no difference. If you have previously used the developer version of iOS 10 on iPhone, it is highly recommended that you update the GM version. And for those who have not been updated for iOS 10, if you really can’t wait for the September 13th official update, can also be GM version of Apple’s official website in registration after the update, it will be a iOS the most stable version 10.相关的主题文章: