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A new plan to add new apple iPhone 6sP only 2670- value of Sohu digital Zhongguancun online news: we all know Apple with the mobile phone trade business has been popular, Apple also for the market launch of the service, after Apple’s official exchange only supports up to iPhone& nbsp; 6  Plus, but with iPhone7 7  Plus officially listed, new business also increased iPhone  SE 6S 6s  Plus three C product support. Apple TM (photograph from Apple’s official website)     at present, Apple’s official trade is still the highest price is 2670 yuan, the new iPhone  SE; the highest recovery price of 1880 yuan, iPhone  6S; the highest recovery price of 2470 yuan, all iPhone products with the highest recovery price for 2670 yuan iPhone  6s  Plus, of course, usually you can get the highest price, it still means that even if you take the apple in the eyes of a new iPhone  6s  Plus to recovery can only get 2670 yuan, the price is far lower than the market price of the recovery. The recycling price reference (picture taken from Apple’s official website)     the scrappage schemes are mainly through two ways, namely the scene to get discount preferential and evaluate online. The scene is only the user with the necessary conditions to the mobile phone to Apple  Store retail stores, you can get discount discount to buy new   iPhone. The online assessment will be required to tell your smartphone through the online form of information, the phone to the apple recycling partners to assess the final payment by bank transfer receipt. IPhone refresh program (picture taken from Apple’s official website)     in addition to the scrappage scheme of Apple also launched a new year plan iPhone Hwan, users need to purchase iPhone7 7  Plus and Apple  purchase; Care+ service (price 988 yuan) can be automatically added, although the plan showed that users every year you can get a new iPhone, but users need to put your machine to obtain the equipment, and the original 50% discount discount to buy a new iPhone. Program description (picture taken from Apple’s official website)     see that you think the plan and trade is very similar, if the two plan you careful about Apple’s official launch of almost no concessions, allowing users to buy low and sell high, lower than the market price recovery, and recovered after machine they can continue to sell refurbished processing.     so I feel that if you want to own iPhone can sell a higher price, you may wish to taste.相关的主题文章: