Arab League last year, the Lakers were able to catch up to meet the three conditions to get full of -x3210

Last year, the Lakers were able to meet the three conditions to get the full   of 8 million; after the Rio Olympics, Yi Jianlian and the Lakers signed a major event in China’s sports circles. After the Lakers officially confirm the contract, Yi also became the reds". The details of his contract have been grilled". At the same time, he also got the NBA old and new acquaintances blessing. Meet three conditions to get a full $8 million ESPN basketball expert Mark, who broke the news, the Lakers in the summer of last year, launched on the pursuit of Yi Jianlian, Stern". But because of various objective reasons, the two sides reached consensus and not Yi Jianlian, Hongyuan in one more year. During the Rio Olympics, the Lakers held talks with Yi Jianlian. Insiders broke the news, Yi Jianlian received a total contract of $8 million, of which $1 million 140 thousand is the base salary, while the contract bonus of more than $6 million 800 thousand. According to the spread of the news, the Arab League’s 1 million 140 thousand salary of $250 thousand belong to complete protection, if he was not cut off by the team in January 10th, he can take $1 million 140 thousand. In addition, he will receive a 2 million 300 thousand bonus for each regular season performance. If 3 conditions are met, he can get up to $8 million from the contract. It is reported that these 3 conditions are likely to achieve. There are 3 kinds of bonus in NBA contract, which are performance, body data index and extra bonus. For example, there are two types of performance awards: "it is possible to achieve" and "less likely to be achieved". For example, a player can get 9.9 points in front of this contract, as long as he set this season, averaging 10 points to get a bonus, which belongs to "very likely". If he is set to get 30 points to get the prize, which is unlikely to achieve". According to the NBA panel’s decision, Yi Jianlian’s bonus model should be within the scope of "possible". But the specific conditions, it is still unknown.相关的主题文章: