Arsenal dig big Paris midfielder hinted that he would like to cast Wenger has been staring at 2 year-plants war

Arsenal dig big Paris midfielder Wenger has hinted that the Wizards willing to vote at 2 years is Wenger Mr. Right Rabbi Ott sina sports news this summer, Mustafi and Lucas Howard hit al Peres, the 3 pen repurchase in different positions, to some extent alleviate the staffing constraints in Wenger. However, Arsenal did not transfer plans with the transfer window closed and died down, from the "mirror" of the news that Wenger intends to study their long-term goal of Rabbi Ott shot. The absolute main 21 year old French midfielder is not a big club in Paris, Rabbi, height 1 meter 88 last season he played 38 games and scored 6 goals for the club, because briefly played for Manchester City youth, so he England football has a certain degree of cognition. According to reports, the French midfielder Wenger for the coveted, even has sent scouts to stare at him for the two season, and this time, Arsenal to offer him during the winter. "I enjoyed my time in England, although there was no kick. But I always tell myself that one day I will be back in the Premier League and I have the determination to play there." Rabbi Ott expressed Wenger invited the yearning. (Alduin)相关的主题文章: