Art consumer electricity supplier channels rise-kasey chase

The rise of the electricity supplier channels written consumption of art photography and Information Times reporter Xu Yier each time will produce a new cultural phenomenon, the cultural attribute of era always innovation in alternating subversion and inheritance, art is also in many factors of social political system and economic development in upgrading. In the new era, in a particular economic environment, the way of consumption of art, art sales channels change, the role of artists and other artists are quietly changing. This information times, art week will be on the rise of the electricity supplier sales channels art series. The rise of China’s electricity supplier sales, China has experienced thirty years of economic development, is now a big development of the cultural economy for the past thirty years, while contemporary artists are catching up with the best of times!" Beijing Kewen Jiasheng art gallery owner Xiong Bin explained: "said it was the best of times, first of all, contemporary artists to catch up with a There was no parallel in history. globalization era, China artists have had intimate and international art circle integration, dialogue, learning opportunities; second, the painter and their the embrace of the works There was no parallel in history. capital, Chinese art high turnover counter attack of the international art trade share, which produced many super rich artists, revolutionized the label" poor painter "since ancient times, and constantly refresh the Hurun art list list; third, cultural and creative industries have appeared on the national economy and highly comprehensive strength the symbol, around the cultural industry park, Museum of art such as constantly emerged like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, holding culture Creative industry flags are open a new round of cultural development movement." At the same time, Xiong Bin pointed out that the benchmark power is infinite, so that today, there are many artists immersed in the art price bubble: "many artists, especially the famous works, the price goes up and down. So, for an artist, the best of times could turn into the worst of times. The key is to keep pace with the times." Xiong Bin suggested that the art electricity supplier as a new force, is the rapid rise: "in a particular economic environment now, art consumption just like a recession, but in fact, it is with a new attitude in the electricity supplier channels" bloom "." Xiong Bin introduction, Beijing UNESCO Jiasheng Art Museum online operations for two years, tens of thousands of consumers through the actual terminal data analysis, China traditional calligraphy and painting share sales is far greater than the oil painting works. Among them, Chinese sales ranked first in the works of calligraphy and painting themes for bird freehand, accounted for 40%; the second is the landscape, accounting for 30%; in addition, meticulous accounting for 10%. Xiong Bin told reporters that as early as a few years ago, there has been a lot of funding, institutions in the Internet to do the work of art attempts, but the majority of the ingredients to hype, and even more than the price of the individual line. But true to "test the water" art of Internet consumption, but also because of the unreasonable pricing and unsustainable "by real data feedback, priced at 2000 yuan ~3000 yuan and Chinese works the most popular. Most of the customers who buy pictures on the Internet are"相关的主题文章: