As the universe Gu Shu, ushered in the 60 generation of bankers in New

As "the universe" Gu Shu, ushered in the "60" generation of bankers in new era Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The Economic Observer Hu Qunwen vacant for more than 3 months, ICBC president finally settled. Born in 1967, ICBC former vice president Gu Shu will serve as president, became the youngest governor of the state-owned big firms. The 60 after the bankers had been in charge of international business department, management department, electronic banking department, the Department of legal affairs, channel management department, the Ministry of science and technology information, and these departments are for the future strategic focus, such as the international business department, electronic banking department, Information Department of Science and technology. The new economy is bound to give birth to the new normal financial norm." The valley in 2015 was "Shu China banking" the author said, the new economic norm brings many challenges to banks, more banks to achieve a longer period of time, the development of higher level, more sustainable, provides a new impetus and hitherto unknown opportunities. Bank managers should have the courage and confidence to face the challenge, but also have a good grasp of the wisdom and ability to capture new opportunities under the new normal. After the reform, the listed banks, China to the rapid development in the past more than and 10 years, with the speed of financial reform, interest rate, exchange rate market and the RMB internationalization process is accelerated, competition is becoming increasingly fierce, cross-border competition of financial needs of customers quickly as one falls, another rises, change, financial disintermediation accelerated, more stringent regulation, Chinese banks go again to the the crossroads, originally leading to success China banking bankers, most have retire after winning merit and a new generation at the helm, mostly after 60". How will they lead China’s banking sector through the test of the economic downturn, and continue to innovate and develop? ICBC entered the "full Valley" era of the morning of September 12th, the Central Organization Department of ICBC to convene a meeting, announced that the former vice president Gu Shu took over the industrial bank. ICBC news agency said that the specific information will be announced as. According to the program, after the Organization Department announced the appointment, the CBRC approved qualifications, Gu Shu will be officially appointed governor of icbc. This means that ICBC officially entered the "easy to be full of Gu Shu" era, and the two was 60 after a new generation of bankers. The results, as of the first half of this year, ICBC provision coverage rate is 143.02%, the amount of loan ratio was lower than 2.21%, the CBRC "measures" requirements of the management of loan loss provision coverage 150%, 2.5% the amount of loan ratio regulatory red line. ICBC this approach, regulators have also been understood." Yi will be full of ICBC below regulatory standards give two reasons. First, ICBC has been prudent provision for extraction, the principle of prudence, the real dynamic extraction allowance. The provision of ICBC China extraction in accord with the accounting standards and international accounting standards, has been recognized by the auditor. Second, in the current economic slowdown in the throes of structural adjustment under the environment, the bank through the proper release of provision of resources, increase the disposal of non-performing loans is a normal move to sound business practice, provision coverage "counter cyclical management to fill" the original theory相关的主题文章: