At the beginning of 3 market advantage is obvious the Nazhi Dragonfly cited Blitz synnex

At the beginning of 3 market advantage is obvious the Nazhi Dragonfly cited blitz recently, riders circles maxed out a message: that is the 3 listed the Nazhi dragonfly! Originally for the new products constantly car market, a car market is not much hot, but why the Nazhi Dragonfly 3 once available, it caused so many riders up? As a cost-effective super family car, its advantage? To solve this problem, the author made an investigation. First of all, just look at the shape of Rui Rui Rui 3, it attracted! Has a stylish appearance and beyond the car space of this model, its stylish young, exquisite workmanship, young designers penned by 80, more suitable for the characteristics of modern young people, many riders in the test process, for Na Zhijie sharp 3 large space and have plenty of power point zambia. Many people love the Nazhi dragonfly in 3, the first point is the feeling in the power drive. In the power system, the whole system adopts 3 Jetway’s wisdom of a powertrain, 1.6L naturally aspirated engine from Dongfeng A16 series, the maximum output power of the engine is 124Ps 6000rpm, the maximum torque of 153Nm 4200-4400rpm. "It’s too hard! Like a car like the wind!" From Beijing car enthusiasts Mr. Li said after the test drive. In addition, the Nazhi Jierui 3 innovative and diverse, adopt the most advanced modern technology of automobile body collocation, make the car look more style. The headlight which has LED daytime running lights, fog lights below the bumper also designed by imitation carbon fiber, outstanding performance. Rearview mirror with a camera, as long as you turn on the lights, the same side of the camera will start, to ensure traffic safety. In addition, the rearview mirror is also provided with three convex spoiler, which is very perfect in detail. Display in the car are 9 inches touch screen, the sensitivity of high-definition, more humane, more practical. The significant advantage of this, 3 general’s wisdom one by the market, has become the object of many riders to drive, and are ready to buy. If you as a senior riders, no drive, then seize it! Sharp 3 drive about the general attention:相关的主题文章: