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Audi 4S shop fined enlightenment: have the obligation to assist in handling loan – car Sohu recently, "Yitian brand credit management" push the public number Changan Ford 4S shop a loan service fees checked case, caused widespread concern in the automotive industry, some automobile OEMs related responsible person and Dealer Manager to Yitian credit management consulting company. In response to all the doubts, today the company deliberately to the host plant responsible person and dealers to push a Audi 4S shop — Quanzhou city Luojiang Huaao auto company limited due to charge on behalf of a bank or financial institution service fee was fined 9 yuan of administrative punishment book version of the original. The penalty decision issued in August 16, 2016, the penalty document stressed: Auto 4S shop has the obligation to assist consumers to purchase consumer loans. The original version is as follows: according to the punishment document, we take a look at Audi official website recommended a financial Car Buying, there is no mention of the dealer loan service charges. Audi A3 financial Car Buying scheme before September 30, 2016, ordered Audi A3 (A3 Sportback e-tron), enjoy a variety of Car Buying courtesy. Grasp now, instantly have special car, experience the future environment of psychosomatic. Details of the financial car program: honor melt easy loan, highlighting your financing and investment wisdom. Financial institutions loans to buy a car, down payment from 20%, 12-48, interest rate 0-4.88%. Ultra low threshold, simple procedures to help you advance, touch the future. 2 sinoglory enjoy "Car Buying sinoglory" enjoy, to suggest that the bank credit card to shop by Car Buying, Shoufu 20%, 12-48 period, 0-12.77% rate, fast approval, convenient repayment, future car, instantly have. 3 sinoglory courtesy Car Buying program selected sinoglory courtesy scheme Car Buying loans, Shoufu low to 30%, tail 30%, 3 year 3.88% low interest rates, low down payment, ultra low for months and enjoy the greatest degree, optimize your long term monthly payments. 4 charge loan down payment from 20%, the annual interest rate of 4.88%, the annual focus on repayment, enjoy ultra low monthly supply of 3. Audi A3 financial services: China Merchants Bank Credit Card Center Chinese FAW Volkswagen automobile finance company financial company Ping An Bank China Construction Bank Credit Card Center ICBC Credit Card Center China Bank Credit Card Center * please contact the local Audi FAW – Volkswagen dealership | about us | Beijing Yitian credit management company is committed to helping the car the construction of credit system in OEM brand dealers, guide the dealer to avoid punishment risk, improve the brand credit level, enhance marketing performance | main business | host plant commissioned to carry out investigation and assessment of credit for automobile brand dealers to carry out verification of information publicity; error correction, compliance management training, training, distribution of consumer rights Business with quality"相关的主题文章: