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"Avatar" hit Kong Hyo Jin jealous winter hot lips demonstration lead: Kong Hyo Jin has always been a drama ratings guarantee, the makeup can also set off a boom, the recent hit "Avatar" incarnation of Kong Hyo Jin jealous of the female anchor, in the use of many of today’s most popular color lipstick, let us learn together with drama queen. Pink Kong Hyo Jin interview this scene, Kong Hyo Jin chose the pink lipstick, to highlight the overall look, also chose to use eye shadow pink embellishment, echoing each other. Brick red brick red Kong Hyo Jin is one of the most popular color in autumn and winter of this year, in the workplace makeup choose neither red brick red so powerful gas field, but also to highlight the overall look, OL is necessary for a lip color. Orange orange lip color Kong Hyo Jin as a classic Star and has been touted as Superman, orange lipstick color bright colors in collocation clothes, makeup of delicate degree is also required, if the skin itself is black or orange girl to avoid, otherwise it will show black oh. Kong Hyo Jin bean bean color color as one of the most popular color this year most of the fire is of course not less, in the drama played by Kong Hyo Jin OL daily to the bean paste lip color, extract complexion and not too much publicity, but also the necessary OL lipstick color. Eat or eat red bean color than Kong Hyo Jin or deeper, is also a popular color of this year, if you choose to eat or eye makeup color also try to avoid the use of color to the earth, the colour is too beautiful. Recommendation: MAC M.A.C MAC M.A.C 170RMB fashion fashion lipstick lipstick color: CHILI this lipstick mellow creamy lipstick, a sweet touch of elegance. Bring color and texture to your lips. Become the focus at the same time, also makes M.A.C shine. The new Lancome Lancome lipstick No.818 new cyanine cyanine pure pure color lipstick No.818 270RMB number: 191 French rose father bred "exclusive" for Lancome Lancome rose. To be elected to the rose, the bright colors and the exuberant vitality. Lancome precision rose true color, showing the world pure pink. BOBBI BROWN and BOBBI BROWN solid gold color lipstick lipstick color: Gold luxury 300RMB 28 Lip Plumper silky texture, especially add nourishing ingredients, effectively promote collagen regeneration, dilute the lip, making lips Yingrun full, smooth and soft. Color rich, golden and dazzling appearance, redefined fashion lipstick. Estee Lauder lipstick color charm series Estee Lauder admiration admiration lipstick color charm series 300RMB color number: 420 full Yun hyaluronic acid moisturizing factor, lips instantly abundance stylish, light color stereo technology, gives lips all day special color charm.  相关的主题文章: