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Home-Securtiy Official figures disclosed by the police watchdog show that nearly a million crimes a year are disappearing from the official figures as chief constables reportedly struggle to meet targets. The short.ings in the accuracy of crime reporting have been described as ‘indefensible’ and it is thought that in some areas of the united kingdom up to a third of crimes are being left off official record. Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of constabulary said that Violent crimes and Sex attacks are the most likely to be deleted. The report didn’t accuse the police of fiddling but reported there was an undercurrent of pressure not to record crime under some forces and wrongful pressure from higher levels. It is estimated that 800,000 crimes that are reported to the police every year are wiped from record meaning nearly a fifth of crimes did not appear with police failing to record a quarter of rapes and a third of violent crimes. It has been said by Tom Windsor, chief inspector that there is a target culture that had encouraged officers to manipulate figures but it is impossible to know where to start to point the finger. During an online survey of 17,000 police officers almost 40% felt that too much performance pressure was distorting their ability to make the right decision. The report highlighted a case of a chief constable who, concerned about the rise in burglaries, instructed his staff to investigate before deciding if to report them of not. Burglaries are one of the most feared crimes as not only is it a theft of property and possession but the violation of what we consider to be our sanctuary. An Englishmans home is his castle an old saying but always relevant. We all like to .e home and shut our doors on the outside world and be surrounded by our family and our possessions it makes us feel safe and secure but with the looming threat of not only being a victim of this kind of obtrusive crime but the risk that it may not even be recorded panic is bound to be setting in. Home Protection sounds as if you will be standing guard with a shotgun at the ready but in the technology age smart home protection is present and reporting for duty! The new generation of wireless house alarms and monitored burglar alarms make protecting your home easy. Even the sight of a working alarm (believe me a burglar will know the difference) is a huge deterrent As we move forward the old style of burglar alarm will be.e obsolete and the wireless house alarm will be here to stay. Modern systems include tiny CCTV cameras that monitor your home in your absence and 2 way audio linked to a response centre should the alarm be tripped. If you are away from home images can be sent directly to your mobile phone via an app and you can check in on teenagers or pets whenever you like. To avoid be.ing a statistic or evenworse not making the cut invest in some smart home protection. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: