Baby why abandon the name Angela Baby, do you know the reason (video)

Baby why abandon the name Angela Baby, do you know the reason? The entertainment actress in order to international standards and almost always have a English name, but in the country, nature does not need to ask their own name called unified Chinese, even Li Wen, Daniel Wu, JJ Lin, Wu Yifan grown up outside of that after returning home will use their own Chinese a career in the entertainment. But the angelababy is an accident, the actor table is angelababy, the program name is angelababy, the wedding invitation is angelababy, I am very curious on the marriage certificate is written so, why she was so Chinese to abandon his own name? Still feel too English soil only worthy of her beauty spirit? Baby Zheng Shuang to show legs short sleeved goddess teach you the fashionable fun transition season is estimated that the name rotten street, in fact, angelababy is the first in the name of Angela Baby activities, just to get rid of the name, just beginning to hear the name, thought it was the nickname of fans, did not think now poker-faced cried. Well, look at so many Indoorsman good love for her sake, just talk about the magic English goddess of the origin of the name. AngelaBaby, Chinese name Angela Baby, grandpa is German, so Angela Baby also has 1/4 of German descent. Angela Baby’s English name is Angela, but the people around her feel that the name is too difficult to read, plus she has Baby Face, so called Baby. Later, she presided over the program hosted by Disney in Hongkong, a Angela back, because we do not want to confuse her name, it was combined into Angelababy. Called to call people also red, anyway, Lady Gaga can red. Now the streets are called angelababy name, so it is not strange. Angelababy Hongkong is the modeling industry players, either body or acting or dress collocation skill, have been affirmed and the next is to follow, wedding blessing, rhythm, let us look at the Angelababy dress winning strategy red dress white shoes white package ten clean collocation is very suitable for commuters to marry dress the leader after the route AB相关的主题文章: