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Badaling tiger bite survey: is not a production safety accident – the original title of the travel channel: not a production safety accident accident Zhao off from the copilot position. Zhao around the driving position to open the door. A tiger jump to Zhao behind the back biting. Zhao mother opened the left rear door to catch up. Network picture at 15 am on July 23rd, Beijing Badaling wildlife park, the age of female tourists to get off the road Zhao, was dragged away by the tiger, the mother of a week to get off the car to catch up with the tiger bite again to catch up with the 32. Zhou died, Zhao injured. After a month of tiger bite survey results released, the injured Zhao has recovered. Yesterday, 7? 23 maulings incident investigation team found the tourists not to comply with the rules and not to ignore the warning, without off caused by the tiger attack, so it does not belong to production safety accidents. The dead and injured by a tiger attack. The disclosure of details of the July 23, 2016 14 pm the Zhao driving a white car with her husband Liu Teng, the mother Zhou and his son (2 years old) to the Badaling wild animal world tour. The inspector verbally inform the Zhao home, no non off feed and other related matters needing attention in the beast area, issued a "six forbidden" notice (no window, non off, forbidden feed, pets are prohibited, prohibited all Yewaiyonghuo, drunk driving, heart disease), and Zhao Badaling wild animal world signed a "self driving tour the park car damage responsibility agreement", the agreement contains "non off" and other related content. The 14:17 through the car two wicket to start the tour. According to Zhao, Liu statements, to get off the bus to visit the traveling tour wild world tour garden, Jetta car by Zhao Liu for driving. The 14:56 the car with two other vehicles driving cars successively from the entrance into the Siberian tiger park. The 15 00 minutes and 07 seconds, 33 seconds Liu parked the car from the North West Siberian tiger export 19 meters Road, Zhao from the copilot position around the front of the front to get off. Located in the Jetta car right in front of about 13 meters of the 3 patrol car after the driver found, shouted immediately with loudspeakers warning requirements on the vehicle. At the same time, the left rear of the Jetta car two car warning horn. Then Zhao around the Jetta owners driving the car door, and looked sideways to the rear direction. At this time, in the Jetta car about 13 meters west of the platform on the first tiger jump to Zhao behind, on its back, and back to the platform, the platform is another tiger bite Zhao face right. Liu get off, forward to catch a few steps back. The 15 00 minutes 32 seconds a week to open the left rear door with Liu to the platform slope. The 15 00 minutes 33 seconds 3 patrol car alarm rushed on the asphalt road, to drive the tiger. At the same time call with walkie talkie 8 patrol car support. A week on to the platform, with the right hand on the platform by the tiger, one tiger bite back to the right. At this point, from the southwest side of the platform about 8 meters of the third tigers came into a week left occipital and shakes, Zhou stopped struggling. The 15 01 minutes and 14 seconds in the Northeast Tiger Park No. 8 patrol vehicles rushed to the scene)相关的主题文章: