Be careful of these common financial fraud are all routine stand by me shinee

Beware of these common financial scams, all of which are routine. In recent years, various financial scams emerge in endlessly, and with the development of technology, these scams are constantly updated, but many of them are routines. The financial planner took stock of some of the most common financial scams in recent years. 1, pyramid schemes, MLM has always existed, but now more and more sophisticated means of pyramid selling, fraud scale is also growing, especially the mutual aid financial pyramid schemes fraud, increasingly large. MMM financial cooperation platform as an example, recommend a person called the manager, he can establish a multi-level network of their own, if the manager invited 10 people and these people have invested, that he is "ten group manager", and so on, "100 group manager", "thousand group manager", the development of the line more bonuses are more and more, this is undoubtedly the MLM model. And such pyramid selling scam, there are still "wildfire burning, spring breeze blowing again" trend. 2, the original stock fraud in recent years, in the "no equity is not rich" investment philosophy under the impact of the so-called "listed companies" began to be listed in the name of "financing", so that a lot of "overnight wealth" dream investors fall into the trap. "Our environmental protection" as an example, the company’s use of Listed Companies in Shanghai local equity market status, claiming that the "companies", and in the name of the original shares issued and 48% high-yield illegal financing 200 million yuan, involving thousands of investors. Finally, investors of the money boondoggle. 3, the Ponzi scheme Ponzi scheme, also called "rob Peter to pay Paul". In simple terms, the use of new investors’ money to pay interest and short-term returns to the old investors, in order to create the illusion of money and cheat more investment. In recent years, as in Shanxi, Kuailu, e rent treasure and other events, the Ponzi scheme is known to more people. In Shanxi as an example, the surface looks quite normal, also in high-end office space, and is known as the high yield 10%-25% or even 40%, but behind it is by the new old boss big money, spend money like water. The same is true of many other companies involved in the Ponzi scheme. In a word: the apple of Sodom. 4, "red packets" scam, WeChat "red packets" in recent years is the wind and water, to a variety of holidays must have "red packets" shadow, and even transfer accounts also use "red packets"". Because the application of "red packets" is very extensive, some people begin to use "red packets" to cheat money. It was sent to members of the public received a "friend" received 600 yuan cosmetics vouchers WeChat red, when the people want to take, the other party has asked him to enter personal information (identity card, mobile phone, etc.) and scan two-dimensional code, in turn the people did after, but found his bank card stolen brush. After the police investigation, it was found that the two-dimensional code scanning trojan virus, and the friend’s WeChat has been stolen. Such as the "red envelopes" fraud in a few cases, and tricks, "red envelopes" scheme is also more and more, impossible to guard against. 5, "winning" scam, most people have received similar "Gong";

小心这些常见的金融骗局 全都是套路  近年来,各种金融骗局层出不穷,且随着技术的发展,这些骗局还在不断更新中,只是其中很多都是套路。  理财师就盘点了一些近年来最常见的金融骗局,在此给大家提个醒。  1、传销骗局  传销一直都存在,只是现在的传销手段越来越高明,骗局规模也是越来越大,尤其是互助金融方面的传销骗局,日趋庞大。  以MMM金融互助平台为例,推荐人被称为经理,他可建立自己的多级网络,如果经理邀请了10个人且这些人都进行了投资,那他就是“十组经理”,以此类推,有“百组经理”、“千组经理”,发展的下线越多奖金也就越多,这无疑就是传销模式。而像这样的传销骗局现在还有“野火烧不尽,春风吹又生”之势。  2、原始股骗局  近年来,在“无股权不富”的投资理念冲击下,那些所谓的“上市公司”开始以即将上市的名义“融资”,让很多做着“一夜暴富”美梦的投资者频频掉入陷阱。  以“优索环保”为例,该公司利用企业在上海某地方股权交易市场挂牌的身份,对外宣称是‘上市公司’,并以发行原始股的名义及48%的高收益非法融资2亿多元,涉及上千名投资者。最后,投资者的钱基本都打了水漂。  3、庞氏骗局  庞氏骗局,又被称之为“拆东墙补西墙”。简单来说,就是利用新投资人的钱向老投资者支付利息和短期回报,以制造赚钱的假象并骗取更多的投资。近年来随着中晋、快鹿、e租宝等事件发生,庞氏骗局为更多人所熟知。  以中晋为例,表面看起来相当正规,还在高档写字楼办公,并号称有10%-25%甚至40%的高收益,但背后却是借新还旧,老板大肆敛财,挥金如土。  而其它涉“庞氏骗局”的很多企业也同样如此。以一句话概括就是:金玉其外,败絮其中。  4、“红包”骗局  微信“红包”近几年是风生水起,一到各种节假日准有“红包”的影子,甚至转个账也用“红包”。正因“红包”的应用非常广泛,有人开始利用“红包”骗取钱财。  此前就有市民收到过“朋友”发来的获600元化妆品代金券的微信红包,等该市民想取的时候,对方却要求他输入个人信息(身份证、手机号等)并扫描二维码,依次照做后,该市民却发现自己的银行卡被盗刷。经警方调查之后,才发现扫描的二维码中有木马病毒,而该朋友的微信之前就已被盗。  像此类利用“红包”进行诈骗的案例不在少数,且花样百出,“红包”骗局也越来越多,防不胜防。  5、“中奖”骗局  想必大多数人都收到过类似“恭喜您,中了XX公司XX活动的5000元奖金,请点击:附链接”的短信,虽然很老套,但随着这几年各档综艺节目的兴起,这些短信已经过“改良”,变身各种场外中奖短信,上当的人不在少数。  此前就已有人因收到此类短信并想领取其中的“大奖”,而先后向对方缴纳了5万余元,结果没领到任何奖。  理财师表示,很多人之所以会上各种金融骗局的当,都是想实现一夜暴富,或是贪图便宜,提醒大家千万不要被所谓的高收益和中奖所蛊惑。如果投资,还是选择风险和利润都更为均衡的产品,如国债、稳利精选组合投资计划等;如果想挣到更多的钱,那还是脚踏实地,提升个人竞争力,这些才是正道。  除了以上5种常见的金融骗局外,其它类型的骗局还有很多,且这些骗局还在不断上演,大家一定要多留个心眼,护住自己的“钱袋子”。>相关的主题文章: