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Beijing 7, a wide range of test heating does not have heating in advance conditions – Sohu news November 3rd, Huawei building heating plant boiler room, the staff in the inspection and debugging of boiler equipment, ensure the upcoming heating season. Beijing News reporter Xue Jun photo Beijing News (reporter Xin Na) November 3rd, Beijing second weather consultation. The results showed that before November 12th 5 consecutive days average temperature below 5 DEG C less likely. Beijing City Management Committee official said, at present, Beijing more than 1 thousand and 300 heating companies are ready to be heated at any time. Beijing 7, a wide range of test heating City Management Committee responsible person, according to meteorological consultation results, before November 12th 5 consecutive days the average temperature is below 5 DEG C less likely, there may be 12 days after the cold air activity, the next step will continue to pay close attention to weather conditions. According to the "measures" Beijing city heating management, if the legal day before November 15th without heating the average temperature lower than 5 DEG C for 5 days, will be temporarily heating in advance. At present, more than 1 thousand and 300 heating enterprises in Beijing heating preparation work completed. Beijing heating group is introduced, including the beginning of November 4th, Xuanwumen East Street, alley No. 30 Minkang hospital, Hongmiao North District 48 district will be the beginning of cryogenic equipment debugging, testing the transformation effect. He explained that when the residents involved in the area of heating pipes and radiators will have a certain temperature, such as the absence of special circumstances a wide range of heating will start from 7. 3, the reporter saw in the factory Warwick building heating Siu Kai Beijing property management limited liability company is located in the vicinity of Panjiayuan, the staff has been completed, 5 tons of gas boiler maintenance at present, all heating equipment and facilities are available in the enabled state. Heating problems can be directly dialed 12345 heating season, the public can also call the heating problem to reflect 12345. Sun Zuoliang, deputy director of the Municipal Urban Management Committee, explained that after the municipal heating hotline 12319 formally incorporated into the 12345. Sun Zuoliang introduced, heating is not hot, running water Water Leakage situation of the public at home, you can directly dial the heating unit cell phone repair service fast solution. If not satisfied with the repair service to the public of the heating unit, also can call the hotline 12345 complaints. Among them, the resident telephone complaints will be the basis for the assessment of heating units. In addition, Beijing thermal Group hotline 96069 has now entered the service state of 24 hours. Relevant person in charge, in addition to the heating group within the scope of the public, if the public in Shijingshan, Haidian and Xicheng District, can also call 96069 to reflect the heating problem. Bad rate of heating enterprises will be reduced subsidies this year, city and district level two heating sector will still continue to carry interviews. Sun Zuoliang introduces, at present, relevant departments have interviewed 80 residents complaints last year rate of centralized heating units, requiring them to strengthen the debugging in the ignition during the test run, to ensure that the first day of the official heating temperature standards. Such as formal heating, heating company complaint rate remains high, the heating sector will release the name of the enterprise through the media, to be exposed.相关的主题文章: