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Beijing oil prices return to 6 era — energy — original title: Beijing oil prices return to 6 era JINGWAH Times News (reporter Shi Zhijun) yesterday afternoon, the national development and Reform Commission issued a notice that, since September 1, 2016 24, domestic gasoline and diesel prices were increased by 205 yuan per ton and 200 yuan. The national average price of 92 liters, equivalent, raised 0.15 yuan per liter of gasoline, No. 0 diesel 0.17 yuan per liter. This round of oil price adjustment is also the largest since this year. Specific to Beijing, No. 92 gasoline rose 0.16 yuan per liter to $6.05, No. 95 gasoline rose from $0.17 to $6.44 per liter, Beijing oil prices return to the era of. For oil prices, the NDRC said, according to the recent changes in the international market oil prices, according to the current oil price formation mechanism adjustment. For the Beijing car owners, reporters rough calculation, according to the general household car fuel tank 50 liters capacity calculation, fill a box of 92 gasoline will spend about 8 yuan. After the price hike, with many parts of the country a box of oil will spend 6 yuan. The current pricing cycle, the international market news is full of uncertainty. First of all, the economic data, provides the rising power of the dollar, crude oil inventories unexpectedly increased, the organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) production in August is expected to hit a record high in recent days of pressure, so that oil prices fell. However, by the oil producing countries frozen bet support this month, oil prices are still strong rebound. > > forecast the next round of adjustment aground or down probability large treasure island estimates, as of September 1st tenth working days, the average price of crude oil for reference to $47.21 barrel, the rate of change of 7.24%. Chung Petrochemical monitoring data show that U.S. crude oil inventories increased sharply, international oil prices both fell. WTI crude oil fell $1.65 to $44.7 a barrel, Brent crude oil $47.04 barrel, down $1.33. The comprehensive change rate of crude oil 8.46%. According to the JOYOU information monitoring data show that since August 19 Japan valuation on the first day, the international oil price xianyanghouyi, ended September 1st pricing period, WTI and Brent futures prices relative valuation fell 8.5% and 7.5% on the first day. Lung Chung Petrochemical Network Analyst Li Yan said that the current international crude oil prices, the next round of oil price adjustment will be upward trend, but far less than the magnitude of the current round of. If the international oil market outlook is weaker, the rate of change of positive movement may be reversed. The next round of oil price adjustment is expected to be stranded or lowered the probability of large. Due to the impact of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, the next price adjustment window will open at 24 on September 18th. This year, the refined oil market experienced a total of 5 up or down the 8 adjustment, and the other floor price policy is not adjusted for the 6 time, and the price of gold for the two time due to no more than 50 tons of gold stranded. Among them, the cumulative increase of 265 tons of gasoline, diesel increased by a total of $255 tons. (: Yan Lu, commissioning editor Du Yanfei)相关的主题文章: