Brazil, former speaker of the house for alleged corruption is deprived of the qualification of new n-yvette yates

Brazil congressman, former speaker of the house were deprived of qualification for alleged corruption – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Brasilia, September 12 (reporter Liu Tong Yang Jiangling) Brazil house of Representatives held the evening of 12 votes, deprived of the alleged corruption of former House Speaker Eduardo Cunha representative qualification. Brazil’s house of Representatives plenary session on the same day with 450 votes in favor, 10 votes against and abstained from voting results, adopted the decision of the above 9. Before the vote, the House ethics committee accused Cunha take bribes, help enterprises to obtain Brazil state-run oil company (referred to as Pakistan oil) contract, and from illegal channels will transfer money to foreign countries, especially the open secret accounts in overseas issues, he openly lied to investigators. Cunha was deprived of membership, which means that he lost judicial immunity, the judiciary can be investigated without restraint. Cunha was arrested on suspicion of corruption in the case of oil, the federal prosecutor’s office accused. He worked for Samsung Heavy Industries to sell Pakistan oil exploration ship "matchmaking", at least $5 million in bribes. In October 2015, Cunha used the speaker identity, obstruct the investigation of the House ethics committee. In December last year, Cunha announced the launch of the impeachment of President Rousseff’s program, is considered to be the main driver of impeachment. In May this year, the federal supreme court imposed the suspension of Cunha. Under strong social pressure, Cunha announced his resignation in July 7th.相关的主题文章: