Brilliant image. In the era of surging – owners will flood peak in automobile Sohu-windjview

Brilliant image. In the era of the owners will flood peak in the surging – as a will face the high strength work pressure at any time the engineer of Sohu automobile, Xia Bin’s attitude is very confident: the pressure is strong. Who dares to win, to an invincible position, as his beloved Geely Borui with Chinese manufacturing rise era torrent surging in the peak. Beyond, in the fight for the first time with Xia Bin is indomitable road in the evening, sitting in the bar, a quiet place for him, drinking a cup of red brown Negroni. He is not in frequent evening entertainment activities, clubbing is not a common choice. After drinking, he can neither exercise nor drive. Sports and driving, Xia Bin’s life is the two favorite. When it comes to work, he is always full of vitality, he is actually a CNC Mechanical Engineers, all day to face the machine and the number of his work intensity beyond imagination, and sometimes even need to work more than 16 hours a day. The secret to let Xia Bin have a strong resistance to the movement, the usual reason, and many stimulating engineers is love skateboarding. He admitted that, in the process of trying to continue the process of difficulty, as any novice, no matter how many times he fell, he never accept failure. The pursuit in the movement to let him reach the peak of perfection fearless, also cultivate his credo: fighting, ambitious and beyond. Therefore, in the car, he was more in love with driving on the road feeling: whether Geely brilliant face such traffic highway, or bend again and again to have control of city traffic, such as dolphin like smooth and neat, walk the line. The quality of life and the pursuit of high quality, the details of the decision under the onslaught of the continuous cloud of mud enjoy are not contradictory, just like sitting in front of the computer engineers, stepped on board the chasers and enjoy traveling by car the game player can be the same person, how to achieve the balance between the three Xia Bin? The answer lies in the attention to detail. At work, Xia Bin be absorbed in the face to every data, which can against complex situations quickly get clear judgment; in the movement, although Xia Bin did not have much time to practice, but he was only a week to do a skateboard in the difficulty is not small "flying" action, the trick is to go through the video carefully observe the master who model, feel their feet and details into their own actions; and for love on the road driving, he also pays attention to the tiny flying sprint feeling, whether it is noise or smooth, open many different types of car Xia Bin has always believed that Geely Borui performed best in details. The most enduring company, a firm commitment to their work, Xia Bin often contact the domestic machinery, occupation sensitive let him accurately capture: in recent years, China manufacturing from all aspects of continuous leap trend, which made him more confident in their own choice, there are full of hope for the future planning. By car, he knew more fellow traveler, he said, your driving satisfaction comes from Geely B-ray Freemasonry, mostly car, playing more peer love spell friends with like-minded partners.相关的主题文章: