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British media: Sino US joint military drill at a delicate moment both sides a total of 223 people attended the map: Sino US military exercises in the joint treatment of the wounded Reference News Network November 19th British media reported that the United States and China ended 18 joint military exercise on the humanitarian disaster for a period of three days, because the South Sea China aside controversial issues and the tension between the deployment of advanced anti missile system that caused the United States in South korea. According to Reuters on November 18th reported that the exercise was held in the southwestern city of Kunming. Last month, the U.S. Navy destroyer was in the vicinity of a South China Sea Island that China claims. The move angered Beijing, which Beijing calls illegal provocation. The cruise reached the peak of military tensions between the world’s two largest economies. The two countries also because the United States decided to deploy the SA system in Korea and discord. As Donald ·, President of the United States earlier this month, President elect Barack Obama unexpectedly, the new uncertainties quietly approaching. But in China and the United States and the officers and men from the simulation of the earthquake in the house to dig out the remains of the body, as well as from the reservoir on a capsized ship rescue, everywhere filled with smiles and friendship. In the exercise of supervision at the end of the day, the people’s Liberation Army South Theater army commander Liu Xiaowu and the commander of the U.S. Army Pacific Robert · Brown cordial conversation. When Chinese military officers explained how they used the new technology, including drones, during the exercise, Brown said: "it’s smart, great." U.S. Army captain Jeremy · in Hawaii, told reporters on that the exercise is a special opportunity for cooperation between the two countries. He said: "the exchanges between China and the United States are very smooth. We can communicate well through translation. There is no big problem. The Chinese are doing very well in the part of the Chinese side responsible for the planning exercise, which makes the operation very smooth. These actions do help to promote mutual understanding between our two armies." Since 2013, this is the fourth time the United States and China held such exercises. The two countries are trying to lay aside their mutual suspicions from the bottom up, not just on higher levels of engagement. This exercise is China’s 134 military personnel in the United States, there are 89 people involved, the use of a helicopter, pontoon and engineering equipment. They have also been involved in the sharing of information and joint decision-making desktop exercises, focusing on the evacuation of earthquake victims and search and rescue operations in the field exercise. China surgeon Zhao Yao (sound) said: "our cooperation with the United States very happy. I’m really happy. This is the first time I’ve met the American soldiers. It’s really good for my English to communicate with them."相关的主题文章: