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Email-Marketing If you build it… will they really .e? In the case of email marketing, the answer is a resounding "maybe". After all, building a mailing list isn’t child’s play. Below are some methods to building a mailing list that results in a steady stream of in.e. Be Picky Sure, you could send an email to every person under the sun… but that’s not very targeted, is it? Furthermore, your address could be blacklisted by some of the bigger servers and your mail be relegated to the garbage before recipients ever see it. Therefore, it behooves you to begin building a mailing list very deliberately. Whether you buy names from a reputable list broker or garner them from visitors to your website, it’s better than blindly sending to everyone in the universe. Allow Recipients to "Opt Out" For the legitimate .pany, building a mailing list means giving prospects an "out" if they no longer want to receive email announcements from you. Though you don’t want to let potential customers go, think of it this way: They probably wouldn’t have purchased anything else. So it’s really just benefiting you to allow them to delete their names from your email address book. Have Backup Storage As you start the process of building a mailing list, make sure that you regularly back up your email addresses in a separate .puter or on two different hard drives. The last thing you want to have happen is to lose all your data during an unexpected power outage; then, you’d be relegated to building a mailing list from scratch. So protect your information. Don’t Share Address Information Though you might be tempted to sell your email addresses to other business people, think twice about this prospect. If your client base starts getting "spam" from other .panies, they may be.e resentful that you’re making a profit from their email accounts by offering their names to others. Frequently "Scrub" Your Lists People change their email addresses almost as much as they change their socks. Thus, you’ll need to "scrub" while simultaneously building your mailing list. That way, you won’t be getting a plethora of "mail not deliverable" messages in your own in box. Be Patient Above all else, be patient. Building a mailing list doesn’t happen overnight, but rest assured that it will happen if you’re diligent and pragmatic. =============================== About the Author: 相关的主题文章: