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Business As a network marketer of 7+ years, I had grown weary of constantly trying to motivate members of my team who were weary of constantly trying to find more people to expose to the business opportunity. I was out of ideas for ways to suggest to them for finding more people to talk to. I believed there were probably network marketers using the internet to build their teams, and I was determined to find out for myself! So the quest beg an. For months, I spent untold hours diligently searching and researching, seeking the true answer to the question "Is it possible to successfully build a team online in a network marketing .pany?" After many months of thorough investigation, I am convinced that I have found the answer: Unequivocally, "YES, IT IS!" Not only did the results of my research prove to me that it is possible, but it is fast a much-preferred technique to "traditional" network marketing methods. While the systems I studied vary widely in specifics, all share the .mon goal of having the system do virtually all of the "prospecting." The object is to save you from wasting any of your valuable time to find out if someone is a prospect or not. Anyone you talk to should have already learned about your business, qualified themselves, and either contacted you or requested a call. While you may have some emails and phone calls to return from prospects and people who join your team online, your main work is to drive lots of traffic to the lead capture pages of your system. The more traffic the better. Don’t be alarmed, if you select a good system, the tutorials included with it will teach you everything you need to know to do that successfully. A fringe benefit of many systems, that I heartily endorse, is a way to make money from prospects who do not even join your business! After several months of studying various systems, I finally recognized that I was suffering from "analysis paralysis." I decided it was time to stop researching and start testing! I narrowed the field to the three systems I was the most impressed with, and spent a week analyzing and .paring the three. I forced myself to make a decision, and selected one to test. I spent this evening getting it all set up & personalized. And I did it myself! Yes! I, by myself, was actually able to follow all the instructions in the video tutorials to "plug into the system" and get it up and running without a hitch! Those who know me, with my woeful lack of .puter skills, probably won’t be able to believe that, but I swear it’s true! The fact that I did it by myself speaks volumes for the people who put the system together, and wrote the tutorials. All the instructions were crystal clear, easy to understand and easy to follow! No tiny little detail was omitted. I am ecstatic to finally have my 21st century online team building system up and running! I have tested it, and it is operating like clockwork! Now I am going to apply the techniques for generating traffic, with the help of the tutorials in the system, and throw open the floodgates! Hallelujah! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: