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China Note7 normal sale is Samsung double standards? Ridiculous! Sohu, science and technology article | neighbor chapter for Samsung’s new smart mobile phone Note7 in parts of the battery explosion yesterday, Samsung officially announced the results of the investigation and officially apologize and Note announced on 7 to start a global replacement plan. 1 survey results: at present in the world sold a total of 2 million 500 thousand Note batteries have been found in the battery fire or explosion accident in 35 cases, the cause of the accident is that there are defects in the battery. 2 treatment methods: this Samsung launched a plan to replace 7 Note, commitment to the area in question every Note7 user to provide replacement service, users can replace South Korea from September 19th new mobile phone, Samsung said takes two weeks to prepare a new element. In addition, Samsung decided to postpone the original 2 days in the UK, France and other major European countries Galaxy Note7 listing time. 3 Chinese Market: for in September 1st officially opened on the China market, Samsung Electronics China district official statement said that due to the different battery supplier, is not in the scope of the replacement, China consumers can buy. A battery explosion accident for Samsung, the impact is quite large before the accident, Samsung ushered in the best moments in recent years. The last quarter, with strong performance of S7, S7edge, Samsung, a record since 2014 the highest quarterly profit, up to 5 trillion and 830 billion won ($5 billion 100 million), exceeding analysts on average expected 5 trillion and 640 billion won. While the company’s market value of nearly $240 billion in a new peak, once with the Tencent, Alibaba par. The latest release of Note7, but also in the industry to win a piece of praise. Whether it is the industry’s authoritative media evaluation or consumers, Samsung Note7 gave a high evaluation. Foreign Theverge even hit its highest score in the history of evaluation, saying it is the best ever large screen smartphone. The market feedback is enough to make Samsung excited, after Samsung has said that the demand for Galaxy Note 7 is far more than expected, resulting in a shortage of supply and delayed the release of some of the market. The company said it would use all means to improve production, and is expected in the second half of 2016, earnings are still expected to maintain strong momentum. But the battery explosion caused by the global recall, so that Samsung Note7 had accumulated potential energy is greatly weakened, a good start is broken. The price of the visual performance is: Samsung shares fell 2% on Thursday, Samsung SDI shares fell 6.1%, the Samsung brand image, the global market consumer confidence may also be a blow to Samsung, then pay more effort and cost to rebuild confidence. For Samsung’s most direct competitor apple, it is to win a major positive. Two, the Chinese market is not listed in the recall, Samsung is engaged in double standards? Ridiculous! According to the Chinese normal sale results has aroused great dissatisfaction of users, and the former IKEA!相关的主题文章: