Chinese companies in the United States to recall part of the camera accused of causing paralysis of darren hayes

Chinese recalled the camera in the United States is refers to the network paralyzed – Sohu news according to foreign media reports, the Hangzhou Chinese winwinmax company recalled some of the camera sales in the United States in 26, and 21, because these products caused us Internet paralysis related accidents. Reporters interviewed the man in charge of the company, the person in charge said the vulnerability has been patched. The company also recommends that users should upgrade the firmware, modify the default user name and password. Users can also disconnect the device from the internet. Winwinmax company announced the British "Financial Times" reported on October 26th, Chinese winwinmax electronic products manufacturer is recalling its sales in the United States some of the old models of network camera, these products are considered and the paralysis of the Internet service on Friday — from Twitter to "New York Times" — "botnet" attacks are related. Hangzhou Hongmai Information Technology Co. Ltd. (Hangzhou Xiongmai Technology) said the recall network camera, some early versions of the network security researchers confirmed that hackers use a network camera, including the equipment of domain name service provider Dyn for large scale traffic. The China manufacturer told the "Financial Times", after the company has to sell the camera before April 2015 released a security update, adding that it is connected with the Internet camera can be used safely, the responsibility of the network paralysis is not in the company. The company said that only the use of the firmware before the April 2015 release, the initial password is not modified and exposed to the public network equipment will be attacked. Hackers use malicious software Mirai source code to establish a "botnet" (by the network of criminals controlled by interconnected computer networks). The malware can control the Internet of things devices, it is easy to get on the internet. The botnet attacks the Dyn, making it impossible to translate the names of many of the major web sites into an Internet accessible address, resulting in network access interruptions. Last Saturday, Dyn said that many of the Internet Protocol addresses associated with the Mirai botnet were used in the two attack, as well as an attempt to stop the attack. Dyn chief strategy officer Kell (Kyle York)? York said the company and the law enforcement agency is still in the investigation behind the attack. The company is the first manufacturer to respond to concerns that its products could be used as part of a botnet that attacks Dyn. Hangzhou Hongmai Innocence: early patch vulnerabilities according to the surging News reported on October 24th, the reporter interviewed the winwinmax company responsible person, sales manager Chen? Told reporters: "our company in May last year after the product does not exist the problem of foreign media reports, online reports from Taiwan deliberately discredit a rival." Chen said that the United States market is a very important piece of business, and now the public opinion to the company’s image has a negative impact, "we are in the United States to reply to the message that the company had相关的主题文章: