Chinese elements + modern haute couture = volume 2017 spring and summer

China elements of modern advanced garment = Tang roll spring 2017 release in November 5, 2016, to subvert the traditional design ideas, with the unique elements China interpretation of modern fashion apparel brand – Tang roll, in Devon erythropsia hall "open book clothing" spring summer 2017 release, attracted more than 200 domestic and international heavyweight guests and media friends to participate in a grand scale. The perfect ending. To break the past "Chinese wind" is equivalent to "traditional" and "China elements" confined to the dragon and Phoenix, dress, jacket stereotype, Tang rolls with the more flexible and relaxed, changeable, giving China elements to new achievements of modern advanced garment Chinese new perspective: grand and magnificent, fashion personality, also lively and interesting. As the principal brand Tang Juan introduction: "Chinese elements of traditional elements beyond count, historical heritage, modern elements full of feelings, cloth tiger, gourd are characteristic elements unique to the China. We wish to express with different design elements in the China mining more possibilities of clothing design, can be relaxed and lively, can go to design stylish atmosphere, spread Chinese culture, let more people fall in love with China clothing. Tang Juan means all kinds of possibilities, the only constant is its subject matter, inspiration from china." The volume of 2017 spring and summer fashion release, showing the Chinese elements in the design and application of the four ways. Fan, ball flower, cloth tiger, gourd etc. China unique elements are cleverly designed to modern senior clothing, more than 80 works for the first time the stunning debut, shine. "Fan series" from Chinese feature elements extraction design inspiration fan, fan will fold, printing and other elements used in clothing design. Since ancient times, in addition to other functional cooling fan, it is decorated with life, to express feelings or promote the culture of the carrier, the role of modern dress agree without prior without previous consultation. Tang fan will be the representative elements of the fan used in clothing design, is a tribute to Chinese elements, Chinese culture. "Ball flower series" to have 3000 years of history, is only known to a small group of people porcelain decorative elements – ball flower design inspiration. The designer will not rule the inherent geometric patterns and modern pop art by combining the color more vivid, more fashion sense, let more people Chinese cognitive elements at the same time also gives the works of modern fashion aesthetics. Cloth tiger series completely subvert the folk craft "soil" and "vulgar" definition. Instead, the cloth tiger tiger totem worship in origin, is also filled with respect to the strong aspirations and wishes. Tang Shu tiger cloth tiger clever design patterns in the design, the ultimate excavation of the modern side of its fashion, the completion of the traditional elements of artistic sublimation.相关的主题文章: