Chongqing GDP national leader to accept the State Council third major inspection

Chongqing GDP national leader to accept the third inspection of the State Council, the original title: the implementation of a strong landing sound Chongqing growth acceptance of the State Council, the third major inspection inspection of 10.6%! As of June this year, the city’s GDP growth has been 10 consecutive quarters in the forefront of the country. Xinhua News Agency reported that Chongqing’s economic development, fast, endurance foot". In recent years, the city actively implement the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, adhere to the overall tone while maintaining stability, and actively adapt to the new normal economic development, through various measures actively and steadily, to maintain the steady development of the economy, and effectively hedge the economic downward pressure. "In between" robust dance invalid effective 2015 cut the city’s elimination of dazzling, coal production capacity of 12 million 630 thousand tons, the basis to achieve the state assigned task 2.6 times this year, Yajian 6 million 860 thousand tons. The city’s regulation of coal mining enterprises by the end of 2013 the 370 reduced to the current 260, increased regulation of coal mining and washing industry value growth rate fell 10.1%. As of September 17th, the city has removed 5 million 168 thousand tons of crude steel production capacity, the completion of the state assigned task ahead of the completion of the annual target of 104.5%. At the same time, the city’s six high energy consuming enterprises have a significant decline in output. Supply side structural reform campaign started, the country’s backward production capacity in the Amoy sound. I, though the task is not heavy, but the traditional industry, backward production capacity of "downsizing" not only resolute attitude, but also a "spring": the municipal government to take day, week scan scheduling "approach to supervision capacity to implement the municipal departments of supervision and inspection, regular briefings, and strengthen the process of supervision and examination results. From the angle of investment, also can feel to make snap production efforts. 1 – August the city’s mining industry investment is only 12 billion 880 million yuan, the investment amount dropped by 30.5%. This dissipation, must be long. Invalid supply make snap to do subtraction, effective supply is steady and active addition. In May 31st, the city with the world’s leading IC enterprises America Globalfoundries company signed a memorandum of agreement, the two sides will jointly set up a joint venture in Chongqing, producing 300 mm chip. Today, the city in accordance with cluster development ideas, has been the successful introduction of British ARM, Austria, South Korea, the United States atamps SK Hynix AOS integrated circuit and a number of international enterprises, and gradually build up a complete ecological chain integrated circuit. There is market demand, industry prospects, but also in the national and global markets, this is the largest "effective supply". As Chinese, only capable of independent research and development, production and manufacturing 1.5 inches – 110 inches full series of semiconductor display products, the BOE is located in two rivers area, not only gave birth to a new core based electronic components industry cluster for the city, breaking the long-term Chinese electronic industry development facing the lack of core small screen dilemma. Ineffective supply in the reduction, effective supply has continued to expand. Behind it, because of the introduction of the city to promote the supply side structural reform program for the effective supply of".相关的主题文章: