Chun Jia Dian opera! Listening to Joi Tsai in the music festival is a kind of enjoyment super bass

Chun Jia Dian opera! In the music festival is a kind of enjoyment to listen to Joi Tsai the Sina entertainment column boiled bed love music festival has become the young people the release of youth of the holy land, folk singer, rock sing, groan, cry, wake up millions of cells. Mentioned the music festival, we always make a list of the most want to see the singer list, or niche, or hot, they always have their own strong fans. At the end of August, Budweiser electric beach syllable concert in Xiamen, not only Willber Pan, Lala Hsu, Kenji Wu and other popular singers, as well as a high-profile Singapore day — Joi Tsai. Once her healing, it may be very difficult to make people with music festival together, now her attitude transformation female singer, released a new vitality, firm advocate and Music Festival respected personality agree without prior without previous consultation. Xiamen Budweiser electric beach syllable, Joi Tsai even sing "ready" "" "small eyes" attachment "glass" "airuchaoshui" "fantasy" sent "a sunny day" and other songs, good faith. All black holes in her other pants, a former gentle, cool styling more visual power. "Attachment" "airuchaoshui" is her early remake of the classic music sounded, the audience resonance fluorescence stick with the song swing, you might want to ask, the song we know this is? Is not, but it must be Joi Tsai, she always put the song out their own taste. The earlier a long time, Joi Tsai with a soft healing is famous for singing. She renruqiming, pure good news, there is no trace of impurities. On the night of the festival, it is a kind of sublimation to go through the noise and quiet with her singing. Her singing softly, softly, embrace every lonely soul, into each person’s heart. In the last year launched the creation of "Chun" album, Joi Tsai started out, with a new attitude and unwavering courage, gorgeous singer "attitude". "Ready", "small eyes", "fantasy", "send warm tone", a few songs to great acclaim, let people see a new Joi Tsai, different from the past tenderness, more stubborn, independent, personality and attitude. The genre into light rock, electronic music, POP and other music style, also let her more at ease in all kinds of Music Festival stage. Recording studio, music programs can be repaired, post-processing, but not music festival. In the face of tens of thousands of audience, can guarantee the level of singing, hold can live without ice, are a test of the strength of the singer. Joi Tsai’s strength is no doubt that she had been in front of the Singapore folk song restaurant for 4 years, then laid her live strength. 1996 to participate in the training class is only music singer, released in 2000 first solo album "JOI Joi Tsai", she insisted on music in 20 years. "Joi Tsai" lucky to have this album, let her get the nineteenth Taiwan Award for best female singer nominated her for affirmation of strength. Launched last year, "Chun" album, Joi Tsai held a 90 minute liveshow in Beijing. The transformation of her rock goddess fan appeared, regardless of appearance or style, to show her new attitude, coupled with the classic style Chun)相关的主题文章: