Coco Lee stayed up late for her husband’s birthday can’t believe the sweet 14 years-actv

Coco Lee stayed up late for her husband’s birthday can’t believe sweet 14 years Coco Lee stayed up for her husband’s birthday Coco Lee and husband Bruce Coco Lee orchestrated a birthday Coco Lee one family photo of Coco Lee and her husband more sweet Sina entertainment news   before the leaked online CoCo Coco Lee [micro-blog] for the husband to celebrate the birthday of the MiTo Bruce. Netizens who have lamented Coco Lee’s sweet intentions, but also lamented: Bruce really earned. Coco Lee is a name to work hard, once to enter the working state, the electric motor often work overload. In the "I am a singer 4" to get the championship, she is most happy is finally able to enjoy the world with the two Bruce. In order to family, days can also temporarily put the work in second place. A few days ago is Bruce’s birthday, Coco Lee specially stopped almost all the work, concentrate on preparing for Bruce’s birthday. Coco Lee stay up late to think of creativity, from a variety of details of the plan to 120% of the super high requirements, but also a daughter in advance to receive the scene, all just to give Bruce a big surprise. BR58 is the symbol of peace from Coco Lee for the birthday of Bruce specially designed for logo, whether it is a couple of T-shirts, cake, drink bar, coasters…… Even on the ground marked all highlight the theme of spotlights. From first to last Bruce can’t stop laughing, when the "Happy Birthday Bruce" on the beach on fire, two sweet let all the people will feel the calm warm and romantic. Coco Lee was so careful to make two people’s romance is not the first time, since she married with Bruce, she will be in Bruce before the birth of a temporary job, dedicated to celebrate with Bruce. At this time, the days are just ordinary people, dedicated to enjoy the two world. It is reported that Coco Lee and Bruce love for 8 years long, have been married for 5 years, Coco Lee also wrote: "we can’t believe in Fourteenth years". Netizens have sent a blessing, I hope they can always sweet. (commissioning editor: banana)相关的主题文章: