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COFCO is the direct marketing circle of friends responded that is the stage of consumer incentives – Sohu JINGWAH News Times News (reporter Hu Xiaohong) recently, a "food shopping mode, Taobao to cry" WeChat mall slogan in the circle of friends crazy pass, COFCO has therefore been questioned direct, yesterday even questioned the news propaganda is a hoax. In this regard, COFCO subsidiary macro biological engineering limited liability company issued a statement yesterday, said the company does have the activity, but not direct behavior. The slogan contains "join the world’s top 500, do not invest a penny" COFCO also began to direct, later to buy rice, oil, sauce, vinegar and other daily necessities you can enjoy the distribution of profits and other issues involving the rebate of such sensitive words, let WeChat public COFCO healthy living "caused a lot of concern. Specifically, the user A through the identification of two-dimensional code, pay attention to, and then click "generate posters", with this picture in the circle of friends promotion. User B through the two-dimensional code A attention to the public number, you can get 0.88 yuan red packets, while A can get 0.08 yuan of red packets, B in the future through the "healthy life" micro shop to buy goods, the consumption amount of which part of the return to A. So through the circle of friends to promote the spread of "offline" more, offline consumption in the future can also share the profits. The publicity triggered direct selling, fraud questioned at the same time, there are news that a lot of Internet users have been spending, but has not received goods. There are also questioned the healthy life of COFCO and COFCO, I buy net sales of the same commodity prices also exist some differences. > > Wang said word-of-mouth marketing response just for the question, yesterday, macro company official said: this activity does, but not direct, nor the multi-level distribution, but not mlm. Wang said in a statement sent to reporters yesterday, the circle of friends once some "new mode of shopping COFCO to cry, Taobao" slogan is not written, the actual business and the company also has a large gap, is a distortion of the company, marketing service. "COFCO healthy life" is the number of public service by WeChat official operation of COFCO group in the animal health food department of macro biological engineering limited liability company, the sales of products are genuine cofco. "This marketing model is just word of mouth, not involved in sales, everyone is not a salesman, how can it be direct marketing?"" Macro relevant responsible person said, at present the service launched on a stage of consumer incentive activities. Indeed, according to the sales of the recommended consumers return proportionally, according to different product awards are different, up to 10 percentage points. The campaign was launched last September, and the time has yet to be decided. For delivery, Wang said it was due to the Spring Festival holiday and the recent surge in the number of factory production orders, resulting in some products sold out. The price of goods is mainly due to the different channels of buying goods. "In fact, this is the attempt of COFCO to carry out mobile internet marketing in the name of a subsidiary company", Li Zhiqi, chairman of the Beijing future marketing consulting group, believes that the main role of this way is to attract powder.

中粮朋友圈营销被指直销 回应称是阶段性消费奖励-搜狐新闻  京华时报讯(记者胡笑红)近日,一则“中粮购物新模式,淘宝要哭了”的微信商城宣传语在朋友圈疯传,中粮因此被质疑直销,昨天甚至有消息质疑该宣传是个骗局。对此,中粮下属公司中宏生物工程有限责任公司昨天发声明表示,公司确有该活动,但不是直销行为。   由于宣传语中含有“加入世界500强,不用投资一分钱”“中粮也开始直销了,以后买米、油、酱、醋等生活用品自己都可以享受利润分配了”等涉及返利这类比较敏感的话语,让“中粮健康生活”的微信公众号引发了不少关注。   具体方式是,用户A通过识别二维码,加关注后,再点击“生成海报”,用该图片在朋友圈推广。用户B通过A的二维码关注公众号,可得0.88元红包,同时A可得0.08元红包,B今后通过“中粮健康生活”微店购买商品,其消费金额当中就有一部分返给A。如此通过朋友圈推广扩散,“下线”越多,下线今后的消费自己也能分享到其中利润。   该宣传引发直销、骗局质疑的同时,还有消息称,很多网民已经消费,但一直没有收到商品。遭到质疑的还有中粮健康生活和中粮旗下我买网销售的同种商品价格也存在一些差异。   >>回应   中宏称只是口碑传播营销   对于质疑,昨天,中宏公司有关负责人表示:该活动确实有,但不是直销,也不是多层次分销,更不是传销。   中宏昨天给记者发来声明称,朋友圈刷屏的一些类似“中粮购物新模式,淘宝要哭了”等宣传语并非公司编写的,与公司的实际业务也有很大差距,是对公司服务号营销方式的曲解。“中粮健康生活”服务号是由中粮集团旗下中土畜健康食品事业部中宏生物工程有限责任公司官方运营的微信公众号,所销售的产品均为中粮正品。   “这种营销模式只是口碑传播并不参与销售,每个人并非销售员,怎么算是直销呢?”中宏有关负责人说,目前本服务号推出的是一种阶段性消费奖励活动。的确是根据销售额对推荐的消费者进行按比例返还,根据不同的产品奖励也不同,最多不过10个百分点。该活动自去年9月推出,目前结束时间还未定。   对于不发货问题,中宏称是由于春节长假工厂停产和近期订单数量激增,导致部分产品售罄。而商品价格问题,主要是由于与我买网进货渠道不同。“其实这是中粮借助子公司的名义进行移动互联网营销的尝试”,北京志起未来营销咨询集团董事长李志起认为,这种方式主要的作用是吸粉。相关的主题文章: