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[color] baby happy heart small day Shuangseqiu 16101st period recommended: basketball look great – Sohu loans 2016100 lottery results for 031022232729 + 04, and the value fell slightly, out of 114 points and 1 numerical values of the tail are only separated by 1 period of rapid rebound, the double chromosphere 2016101 period will offer what award number, let we start by Shuangseqiu today in history to analyze the history of 12 stage ball shape: the first red code in the year of 101 in the lottery is out of partial state codes (2015101 out of 09, 2016101 out of 09, 2007101 out of 15, 2008101 out of 09, 2012101 out of 09, 2014101 out of 16), 101 other years are in the 01-08 numerical range fluctuated slightly, to 2 yards out mostly, 2016101 to prevent the re emergence of numerical skewness. In the history of the 12 period in Pteris ball 26-24-28-30-30-24-26-31-33-32-32-29, Pteris even took advantage from the interval data numbers, 2 prefix and numerical prefix 3 intervals of each ball six, 101 this year still should pay close attention to the even number in the interval setting, 2 prefix number value is relatively strong. The numbers and values in the history of the 12 period in order to open the 95-111-122-122-131-61-103-118-109-103-133-127 points, 100 points more than the value of more advantages, this period continue to see more than 100 points and the value of the performance, the maximum point position will not exceed 125. The history of the 101 lottery, odd number of continuous group number 1 (a total of 2 respectively in the 2005101 period, 2011101 period), group number 2 only out of 1 (2013101), the remaining 9 odd number phase continuous form of all 02016101 period excluding surprising, continuous out may be. Kill 1113, 2931 form code. Basketball: basketball rules award number 12 throughout history, a total of 7 out of 5 were also numerically small, with the large number of basketball debut, the last 6 historical period small value showed even this phenomenon, should be considered to exclude small code and then drop the basketball, the main 09-13 large range of numerical covering. (small: 01-08: 09-16). Red blue forecast 8+2 number: 04,09,12,13,19,22,26,28 + 09,11 select a: 09,12,13,19,26,28 + 11 (source: color baby net)相关的主题文章: