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Burma corruption has become increasingly popular government to encourage people to report corrupt – Sohu news [Global Times special correspondent in Burma Li Sikun Global Times special correspondent Li Dafei] to strengthen the crackdown on bribery and corruption, the government of Burma 2, introduced to encourage people to report corruption involving officials. Burma minister office announced that 2 will be accepted for accepting bribes and corruption reports of people, authorities will not disclose the complaint, in order to protect whistleblowers safety. The office said that everyone has the right to make a complaint by registered letter or e-mail, involving government officials and the public has a serious impact on the case, will be given priority. However, the office also urged people not to have been prosecuted in the court, entered the trial stage, or the parties have been convicted of cases reported. Burma’s well-known political commentator J Tuomi in Burma’s famous political commentary website "Burma frontier" the author said, Burma official corruption has long been prevalent unhealthy. In the past few decades, when the junta was in power, from the top of the government to the civil servants at the grassroots level, the wind was so widespread that no one thought it was wrong. He said that in the Burma senior, senior officials of the family wealth, children master, and these officials through their legitimate income is not possible to obtain such a huge amount of wealth; in the middle Burma officials, the main form of corruption is the use of loopholes in the laws and regulations, to take the gray income of civil servants; one of the reasons. Corruption is the salary is too low, not enough to support the needs of families spending. At the beginning of August this year, after the lower house of the parliament of Burma (people’s Hospital) on a support of the government to combat corruption bill was passed. The proposal, the NLD MP Wu Danwen outspoken against Burma in Transparency International released 2015 global corruption index ranked "shame", Burma in the list of 168 countries and regions ranked 147th. He said, the government will put all the energy into the fight against corruption a day earlier, Burma will benefit one day earlier". In October 19th, 250 residents of Irrawaddy Levin wonderful first constituency protest tower, bribery against the constituency members. After the new government came to power in Burma, the fight against corruption, including cabinet members, government officials and employees to accept bribes. According to the instructions issued by the presidential palace in April 1st, civil servants shall not charge the value of more than 25 thousand kyat (about 230 yuan) of the gift, the gift of gross annual fee shall not exceed 100 thousand kyat.相关的主题文章: