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Creativity is not enough iPhone 7 in these 20 ways to change the world [Tencent] [editor’s note] Wednesday’s release of iPhone 7 is a critical moment in the history of the Apple Corp. So for users, iPhone 7 will once again change the world? Apple is willing to use this argument to describe the new product, Forbes inventory of Apple’s conference to change the world in 20 ways. 1 entertainment industry outside the United States, similar to James · Corden (James) entertainment star is not much. As a result, Tim · (Tim Cook) decided to continue his plan to help the board to dominate the entertainment industry. The first is a sitcom in Britain, followed by a late night talk show. What will be the next step for Ko? Perhaps Apple TV is good at content. 2 live: Apple conference traffic greater than the Olympic Games CDN service Akamai data show that the peak of Apple’s video conference hit a record high. Taking into account the Akamai also dealt with the Olympic Games live streaming, which means that Apple’s video conference broadcast live more than the Olympic games. What is the 3 church public political posters of the bus just pediatrics. If you want to prove that a British exit and the consequent devaluation is what effect, you can see that in the UK iPhone Plus iPhone 6S Plus 7 than the price of 100 pounds, while in the United States remains unchanged. 4 from the previous record to find the answer if you want to know, Apple will be the future of the software to bring what kind of revolutionary change, then you can look at Google (micro-blog) past conference keynote speech. Google has predicted that iWork will provide real-time editing features. To be sure, iPhone 8 will be like, we can also find clues from the previous Nexus keynote. 5 more aggressive game promotion is now, before your game on the App Store list, Apple will promote you. Even if the game was released shortly after the release of the Android version of iOS, apple does not mind. Nintendo’s latest super Mario hand travel has enjoyed such treatment, apple is expected to do so for other game developers. 6 re definition of the console game Apple said that the new iPhone chip will bring the host level of the game effect. However, we do not know what apple is said to host. Is it a new host, or is it the oldest Atari 2600? 7 do not waste any good name apple is very concerned about environmental issues. This time, apple A10 processor to re enable the Fusion brand. Perhaps Apple’s future will also bring new iPad Newton tablet PC. Apple launched its Newton tablet in 90s 8 without any exciting adaptor can no one can design a stunning adapter. If Apple Design Guru Jonathan · Ai Wei (Jonathan)相关的主题文章: