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Crude oil futures stocks blowout strong rise in U.S. stock market center: exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrants to view the latest market stocks Sina News 18 am Beijing time the main stock index continued to rise in the morning, consumer goods and financial stocks led plate. Crude oil futures blowout after Iran’s oil minister supported the freeze production review. Investors are looking forward to the minutes of the Fed meeting. Economic data released today are generally bullish on expectations. 11:25 morning EDT, the Dow Jones industrial average rose 201.27, 16398, or 1.24%; S & P 500 index rose 25.55, 1921, or 1.35%; the Nasdaq composite index rose 71.78, 4508, or 1.62%. BMO Private Bank chief investment officer Jack Ablin said, "the data released today allow investors to feel that the U.S. economy will not fall into recession." He said, "although the stock market has declined significantly, but the valuation is still relatively high.". We expect the Fed will not continue to raise interest rates, but will not launch more easing measures." New York WTI crude oil futures rose 5.10%. Iran oil minister Zanganeh said that other oil producing countries understand the special situation in Iran. Support for any effort to stabilize markets and oil prices; the results of the Tehran conference are satisfactory. The freeze production agreement is the first step, and other measures are needed to stabilize the oil price. 26-27 minutes of the Federal Reserve monetary policy conference January will be announced at 3 a.m. Beijing time. Yellen, chairman of the Federal Reserve, acknowledged that the global economy could cast a shadow on the U.S. economic outlook and delay the process of raising interest rates when Congress answered questions. Danske Bank analyst said, "meeting minutes will let us understand the views of each member of the Federal Open Market Committee, which is very important, because Yellen’s testimony in Congress only reiterated the January meeting statement." Analysts pointed out, "however, since the last meeting, financial market uncertainty and systemic crisis risk increased, we believe that the Federal Reserve will not increase interest rates before September." Economic data: the Labor Department reported on Wednesday that the cost of goods and services increased by 0.1% in the month, a better than expected decline of 0.2%; in January, housing starts fell by 3.8%, seasonally adjusted to 1 million 100 thousand units per year, lower than economists expected. Fossil Group rose by 30.61%, and the watch and jewelry maker’s earnings after Tuesday’s closing were better than expected. Terex, the maker of American construction machinery, rose 6.43%, and ZOOMLION said it plans to buy the company. Priceline rose 11.24%, the company’s fourth quarter performance is better than expected. Kinder Morgan rose 11.01%, Buffett bought 50 thousand and 700 shares of the company’s stock. Pan European Stoxx 600 index rose 2.59%. Eight

原油期货井喷 美股强劲攀升 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情 查看最新行情   新浪美股讯 北京时间18日凌晨 主要股指在接近中午时继续攀升,消费品与金融股板块领涨。在伊朗石油部长发表支持冻结产量评论后,原油期货井喷。投资者还在期待美联储会议纪要。今天公布的经济数据从整体看好于预期。   截至美东时间上午11:25,道琼斯工业平均指数上涨201.27点,报16398点,涨幅为1.24%;标准普尔500指数上涨25.55点,报1921点,涨幅为1.35%;纳斯达克综合指数上涨71.78点,报4508点,涨幅为1.62%。   BMO Private Bank首席投资官Jack Ablin表示,“今天公布的数据让投资者感觉美国经济不会陷入衰退。”   他表示,“尽管股市已有可观跌幅,但估值依然相对较高。我们预计美联储不会继续加息,但也不会推出更多宽松措施。”   纽约WTI原油期货上涨5.10%。伊朗石油部长赞加内表示,其他产油国都理解伊朗的特殊情况。支持任何稳定市场和油价的努力;德黑兰会议结果令人满意。冻结产量协议是第一步,还需其他稳定油价的措施。   美联储1月26-27日货币政策会议纪要将于北京时间凌晨3点公布。美联储主席耶伦在国会回答问题时承认,全球经济可能给美国经济前景蒙上阴影,并推迟加息进程。   Danske Bank分析师表示,“会议纪要将让我们了解每位美联储公开市场委员会成员的看法,这非常重要,因为耶伦在国会的证词只是重申了一月份的会议声明。”   分析师指出,“然而,自上次会议以来,金融市场的不确定性以及系统性危机风险增有所增强,我们认为美联储在九月份之前不会加息。”   经济数据:劳工部周三报告,一月生产商品与服务成本提升0.1%,好于预期的下降0.2%;一月住房开工数字下降3.8%,经季节调整后按年计达到110万套,低于经济学家预期。   Fossil Group大涨30.61%,这一手表与珠宝生产商周二收盘后发布的财报好于预期。   美国建筑机械生产商Terex上涨6.43%,中联重科表示,计划收购该公司。   Priceline上涨11.24%,该公司第四财季业绩好于预期。   Kinder Morgan大涨11.01%,巴菲特买进5.07万股该公司股票。   泛欧Stoxx 600指数上涨2.59%。 责任编辑:郭明煜 SF008相关的主题文章: