Dad does not hurt the mother does not love Windows Phone away from the disappeared

Dad does not hurt the mother does not love Windows Phone away from the disappearance of Windows Phone dead? No, but it’s not far away. If not behind Microsoft this big tree, may not have too many people focus on market share is less than 1% Windows (including Windows Mobile, Phone 10, hereinafter referred to as WP) in the future. It is undeniable that there are still a number of small WP fans, but in front of the Android and iOS of the huge user groups, almost negligible. Figure: 3g.coIDC forecast recently, market research firm IDC released a report on the future development of smart phone operating system. The report predicts that WP will reach 7 million 200 thousand units of mobile phone sales in 2016, accounting for the global market share of 0.5%, down from last year’s $75.2%. In four years later in 2020, WP mobile phone sales will be as low as 1 million 700 thousand units, accounting for only about 0.1%. Figure from: IDCIDC also predicted that from 2016 to 5 years in the, Android and iOS will be in a steady state of development and a slight increase, while WP and Others are in sharp decline. Among them, WP in 5 years, the average decline rate of up to 43.4%. As for the reasons for the decline in WP, IDC pointed out: IDC forecast WP market share will be further reduced. Although the platform has emerged such as HP Elite X3 such new devices, but most of the products are mainly for the enterprise market. For the future release of the product, whether it is Microsoft or OEM manufacturers, equipment positioning may be limited to the scope of the commercial market. In other words, in the IDC view, WP can only be positioned in the future of smart phones in a limited audience of the corporate market, and in the general consumer market, I am afraid there is no chance. WP is about 5 years old, although the WP system was released in October 2010, but it really fits into the phone hardware into a product, it is a year later. October 2011, the first WP mobile phone NOKIA Lumia 800 came out, it really marks the birth of WP. Today, WP is nearly 5 years old. Figure from: Phonesdata in almost five years, WP’s own development is indeed a lot of turmoil and twists and turns, but from the entire mobile operating system market, WP has always been a marginalized role. The following is a group of data from IDC, which records the rapid changes in the era of the rapid development of smart phones, the market share of each smartphone operating system changes. Figure IDC: from the picture we can see the following points: only Android and iOS market share of more than 10%, others are all below 10%; the development curve of Android and iOS showed a symmetrical state the party share declined as one falls, another rises, and the other a相关的主题文章: